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Learn Meditation to Get Unstuck


So this is NOT your standard post about building your network marketing business but if I am doing something that is helping me, I feel compelled to share it with you. IF you are frustrated, stuck or just not getting the type of results you want in your life, perhaps attacking it from a different angle will help, read on to learn meditation and how it can help you and your goals.

How to Learn Meditation Tips

1. It’s really easy to do, which also makes it easy NOT to do. Instead of trying to fit guided meditation into your daily schedule, just do it and your daily schedule will just happen how it happens.

2. Usually nothing astronomical will happen in your first meditation session. The power comes from doing this on a daily basis (even if for only 5 minutes).

3. You don’t have to be calm to learn meditation. Meditation helps make you calm, it is not a requirement to be calm before you start.

Cool Game to Learn Meditation with Deepak Chopra

Yesterday I was in Target with my kids and ran across this game called Leela for the Wii and xBox. I love the idea of learning stuff via a game and Leela is Deepak Chopra’s game on learning meditation and relaxing.

There are two phases in the game, Play and Reflect. Play has you play a game with calming colors, music and moves and reflect is their guided meditation (there is also a silent version). Each time you complete a level of either, it unlocks new levels which is a really cool way to learn meditation. IF you feel frustrated or have a hard time calming your mind, this game might be a good thing for you – Get it on Amazon.

How to Meditate Properly

For the last 3+ years I have been doing Holosync which is a technique to learn meditation through audio. I first wrote about it back in December in this post – Discover Meditation to Explode Your Business. Holosync helped me calm my mind and WHEN you do this, you open up new pathways of ideas for marketing and your business that a stressed mind would never have come up with.

Whether you use tools like I do or not, the two main parts to help learn how to meditate properly is to focus on your breathing and possibly different parts of the body. The exercise I did this morning with Leela had me focus on breathing in to fill my lower belly with air, then middle belly, then chest and then exhale. I believe these simple techniques not only improve your mindset but also make you feel better too. At first you will probably be unable to stop all the distracting thoughts from entering your mind (this is stress) but if you continue your practice you can greatly lessen this stress and be free!

Had Good Results or Stuff Happen from Meditation? Share below in the Comments!

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