Today we are going to talk about the law of attraction and manifestation.

First, what is the law of attraction? How can you use it for your benefit? Next, what do we mean by manifestation? How can you do it? Lastly, I’m going to share some examples that I have used personally, that may give you some ideas for changing your life.

What is the law of attraction?

The law of attraction is the concept that what you think about and what you are feeling, you attract more of that into your life. I think for many of us, myself included, this first kind of gained notoriety and gained an awareness of through the movie called The Secret. Pretty cool thing. When I watched The Secret, I was thinking, wow, this is so cool. They really…Rhonda Byrne did a great job and all the different instructors there. I have since had the opportunity to work with quite a few of the people from The Secret. I have shared the stage with Michael Beckwith. I have worked personally with John Assaraf and Jack Canfield. I worked with Bob Proctor before he passed. I have had the opportunity to work with quite a few people from that movie, which has helped with my understanding of the law of attraction, etc. But in a nutshell, it’s what you are thinking and focused on, as well as what you’re feeling is what you’re attracting into your life.

I’ll give you many examples of how I have seen this play out good and bad, right. On the bad side, I have a friend that has moved, I don’t know 10 times since I have known them. It’s really interesting, because every place that they move to is always great at first. But eventually there’s a bad neighbor. It’s a concept of no matter where you go, there you are, right. So everywhere she goes, she will eventually locate a bad neighbor. That becomes the dominating thought and it gets worse and worse and worse. I have seen it her entire life, that is not a coincidence, there’s not a will, there’s just bad neighbors everywhere. That’s something that because it’s in her thoughts all the time, and because she believes that there is going to be a bad neighbor, she is constantly verified to be true.

Now, one of the greatest teachers of law of attraction and manifestation is a guy named Neville Goddard. I believe Neville passed away in the 70s or maybe early 80s. But he taught for many, many, many years. I want to share with you two of the quotes that pertain to this context.

Number one, “you don’t attract what you want, you attract what you are.” If you are someone that believes that money is hard to make, that people are greedy and that money is scarce. That has to be your experience. You’re going to attract more events and more things into your life that prove yourself to be true. This is a key concept here, if you look at your reality, right now, everything in your life, your bank account or your health, everything in your life, you are constantly verifying what you believe to be true. That can either be a hard pill to swallow, and you reject it and say no…you don’t understand because I was laid off or you don’t understand because I was born with this thing. It’s wild…until you hear of stories of people who experienced the same kind of things, but had very, very different results. I was recently listening to Napoleon Hill’s master course and he shared how he has a friend whose child was born without ears, but they learn to hear and the doctors can’t explain it. No matter what circumstance you’ve been through, there is the possibility of you completely changing that result. Whether it is health or money, or anything, but you’re going to get in your life, whatever it is that you’re most focused on, and specifically whatever emotions you are holding on to the most.

Number two, another thing that Neville Goddard said is, “whenever your wish is in conflict with your feeling, the feeling will always be the victor.” What does that mean? Well, if you want more money, but you have a belief that money is hard to come by, that money is scarce or maybe you’re not deserving of money or that people that make lots of money are bad, evil, greedy, earned off the backs of others, etc. Then you won’t get money because your feelings are much stronger than your wish. You have to become aware of your feelings. You have to become aware of your thoughts. What am I thinking right now? When I realized this, I started really taking inventory of… what are my thoughts? Are my thoughts positive? What I want are my thoughts on confirming the negative of the traffic is going to suck today or oh, today’s going to be a rough day, or I got to go to this family reunion or whatever, right? Instead, I started switching out those thoughts to think more positively.

Let’s hear from you. 

Before we get to the last two steps, I’m going to share with you a bunch of different examples and things like that. What is it that you’re trying to attract or manifest in your life? I read every single comment, and I would love to give you some specific guidance and advice. Type in the comments, I would really like to attract or manifest _____, whatever that is, is it more money? Whatever it is and I will do my very best to help you out.

What is meant by manifestation?

Well, this is described in a lot of different ways. One of my favorite ways that you may not have heard of is a concept by Vadim Zealand, who is the author of Reality Tran Surfing. In Reality Tran Surfing, he says there are basically two worlds. There’s inner intention. There’s outer intention.

Inner intention is, I’m going to work harder, I’m going to do more, I’m going to show up more. I’m going to work, work, work, work, work, grind, grind, grind, hustle, hustle, hustle. That’s inner intention. He says that inner intention will certainly get you lots of different things. But it’s the slow method.

Outer intention is when you start seeing reality outside of you as altered. You see reality as the way you actually want it to be. Outer intention is really manifestation. How do you help co create a new set of circumstances in your life? How do you start manifesting new relationships? How do you start creating new things to show up in your life? I have had so many things that have happened to me in my life that are just not really explainable, without understanding how powerful we are. Understand this, that your manifestation muscle is your subconscious  and the subconscious is the co creator of your reality, and it only listens to your emotions. It doesn’t listen to your words. You can say affirmations till you’re blue in the face, but if there’s no positive emotion behind it, you might as well not even be saying them, because the subconscious can understand that it’s your emotions.

What emotions are you holding on to? You need to hold on to the emotions of having the thing of which you want to manifest. If you’re wanting to have a new car, start to imagine in your head, how it would feel if you had that new car. There are two questions that help you with manifestation.

Number one, how would it feel? How would it feel to have that thing that you want to manifest?

Number two, how would I know it’s true? Now, how would I know what’s true is really designed to help you feel more and I found that it’s just extremely helpful. How would you know it’s true if you had a new car? Are people complimenting you? Would People say, “Wow, nice car,” or “Hey, when did you get that? Oh, my goodness, tell me more about your car. It’s beautiful!” Right? I’m using a car as an example. You can use whatever you want. Other examples are, a relationship, a baby, more money, a new job, a new title, speaking at an event or a speaking gig or a concert or whatever, right? Ask yourself, see in your mind you having that thing which you want, and ask yourself, how would it feel? How would I know it’s true?

I’m going to give you some things that I’ve done personally, to manifest some really wild stuff in my life. I’m going to give you two examples. First one is I was heading out to be a keynote speaker for this event in Vegas. I was aware that I was a little agitated. You see, we didn’t have the paper forms ready, the shipment hadn’t gotten to the hotel yet. My PowerPoint wasn’t ready, there were several things that should have been ready that just weren’t ready. I was feeling very agitated. Because I’m always aware that whatever emotion I’m holding on to, I have to get more of that emotion. If I want more agitation than just remain agitated, I’m going to find more things to be agitated about, but I don’t want that. I want to feel joy, I want to feel happy. I want to feel good, right? When I notice and become aware that I’m having a negative feeling, I switch gears.

One of the things and even Napoleon Hill said this, he said, “anytime you’re having a down moment or you’re feeling bad, quickly think of 10 things you actually want in your life. “Right? He taught us in his master course. For me, I’m like, okay, what do I actually want? I am about to head out to Vegas. First, I expressed what I didn’t want and what was kind of making me agitated. I expressed that the forms are not ready, this isn’t ready, this isn’t done. I expressed all the things that were annoying me and then I stopped. Then I said, Okay, what is it I want and I got really specific. I said, Okay, I want to go out to Vegas, and I want the company to rehire me immediately. I want the number one earner to hire me, I want them to hire me to lead a leadership group. I want sales to be through the roof and I want people to come up to me after my speech and say it was one of the best speeches they’ve ever seen. Okay? Tall order, right? Five things there. Okay, how would it feel? How would I know it’s true? I saw these things happening. I head out to Vegas. I do my speech, the company hires me immediately. The number one income earner hires me. They formed a leadership group and they pay me to lead the leaders, sales were through the roof and I had probably 20 people come up to me with tears in their eyes saying it was the best presentation they’d ever seen. Literally, every single thing that I wanted happened.

Now maybe you hear that and you think, well, you’ve had a lot of success. Of course, it worked out for you. Well, let me share with you something a little different. About a year and a half ago, my wife and I started ballroom dancing lessons. When I started, I was terrible. I’m like two left thumbs, right? I was terrible. At first, they’re like, “Ray, do you hear the rhythm? It goes doomed, doomed.” I’m just stomping around like Frankenstein. Of course, my wife was amazing, and everything. She’s just gliding and spinning in the air. She’s incredible. I’m just the ogre out there. I know this is true, because I had been going to classes, two classes a week for four months and there was a guy that was new, he was lacing up his shoes (he got in a little early, he was going on after me) and when I finish, he rushes over to me and says, “Oh my god, I’m so glad I came in early. I feel so much better.” I’m like, thanks.

Thanks for that. Didn’t need to say that, but actually, I needed to hear that because it really kicked my butt. It was like a punch in the face. I realized something, I realized that I wasn’t using any law of attraction. I wasn’t using manifestation around dancing. I use it in business, but I wasn’t using it here. That night, I went home and I saw myself as a good dancer in my mind. In my mind, I saw myself dancing. How would it feel? I feel confident, I feel like a good representation for my wife. I feel so dapper. I feel smooth and cool. Then I said, well, how would I know it’s true? So I saw my dance instructor, because if it was true people would give me compliments, Victoria would say, “Wow, impressive.” Then I saw the dance studio owner, Irina, who’s Russian, very tough. I saw her say, “very much improved.” I hold this in my mind, I see it in my mind. I go back into classes. Was I all of a sudden an amazing dancer? No, but I stopped paying attention to my missteps. I stopped paying attention to the things I was forgetting. I stopped paying attention to the things that I was screwing up and I stopped projecting on myself how bad of a dancer I was. Within four days, my dance instructor Victoria, she goes, “wow, impressive.” The dance studio owner said, “very much improved,” literally verbatim. That’s the law of attraction right there. Literally verbatim the words I had created, in my mind, were set in my reality. That’s important for you to understand because your reality is a slow moving, mirror reflection of your beliefs and the emotions that you’re holding. Now fast forward a little bit late last year, we went and competed at an international dance competition in Miami. We came in first place in our bracket for salsa and cha-cha. My instructors told me, “you know, you really weren’t progressing that well, but then one day, you just skyrocket and you start you got a lot better, a lot faster. It was really amazing. And all of us have been talking about it. So that must have been the day that you started practicing at home.” Actually, it wasn’t. That was the day I started practicing more in my head. I started seeing myself as a good dancer. I didn’t increase my lessons. I didn’t go to three a week, I didn’t go to four a week. I stayed at two a week, same. But my mind was completely altered. If you want to manifest more in your life, that’s what you have to do. You have to see in your mind the things that you wish you had as if you already had those things and you’ll start to see your reality shift. I hope this was helpful. Make sure that you drop a comment, let me know if it helps you.

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