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The 4 Why’s You Have To Know To Succeed At Network Marketing Recruiting

If you are to succeed in network marketing recruiting, there are 4 “Why’s” you have to know. The common one that everyone talks about is why do you want success or why do you want to get out of your job. In this article I am going to talk about the often overlooked but perhaps more important other 3 why’s.

Who Has To Know the First Why?

You do. The why that about every speaker and all the network marketing books talk about is why do you want to succeed. I do agree with knowing your why, certainly, but you should understand that most people have their own issues on their mind so you need to have more why’s than just your why. This first why, coupled with action, can make you successful and is something that can get you past the days where everyone tells you no (and if you have not had those days, you just have not been in long enough). What makes you work that extra hour? What makes you miss that night out with the guys or girls to work on your business? A powerful why helps to justify making sacrifices now for added freedom and pleasure later.

It’s Not Just About You, Remember, you are a Marketer. Why Network Marketing Now?

A good marketer does not sell, they solve problems. The second why I want to talk to you about that you should have down pat is “Why is it a good time for Network Marketing?” I have never seen so many people getting into network marketing, and I can tell you a big reason is whoever brought them in did a good job at this “why”. Here are some of the reasons why I think now is a good time for network marketing: (Feel free to borrow)

1. Several industries are taking big pay cuts.
Teachers – Teachers are taking a punch to the face with their incomes. The most important job in the country of teaching our children is being hammered with budget and pay cuts. Perhaps a bigger problem is the massive amounts of layoffs based on tenure, not performance. This breeds a big problem in teaching. The way they construct layoffs is almost solely based on tenure, not performance. So, if you are a brand new teacher getting amazing results, you are much more likely to lose your job than the teacher who stopped caring 20 years ago. This is not to say all veteran teachers are no good but, this type of policy based on tenure not performance breeds a base level problem that affects generations of children.
Healthcare professionals I am NOT trying to be political here, but, the proposed changes in health care are creating more worry amongst the competent than probably anything that has happened in US history. It was interesting that when Greece was trying to get bailed out they promised to cut government run health care to reduce their deficit. The problem I see is with the proposed changes a lot of hospitals have cut their aids, thereby making nurses work much harder. And, now that as a whole every health care person will be making less money, more work for less pay usually keeps the incompetent but chases away the good ones into another industry. Doctors and health care professionals are typically well respected and well connected, so, they make perfect prospects for network marketing and it so happens it is the best time in history to approach them. (feel free to give me your opinion on this by commenting at the bottom)
Real Estate – I came from the real estate industry as an investor. It started getting tougher for me when the banks stopped many of their programs for investors and seeing the writing on the wall, I got out. Now, I have several friends still making good money in real estate but I see a whole lot more people working harder than they have ever worked for less money than they ever have made. Another recipe for the good ones getting out and into other opportunities.

2. What is everyone MOST interested in – I believe the number one thing people are after right now is security. This means that most people are more risk adverse than they have been in the past. They may decide against that $100,000-$250,0000 franchise fee they looked at a couple years ago and just simply not do anything. Network marketing opportunities represent a very low risk way to create a business that has unlimited profit potential, they play very well into today’s economy and the mindset of others.

Why Should They Sign Up With You?

Now, reading that headline made some of you cringe, I know it and you know it. Do not misunderstand this why. I am not saying you have to tell everyone around you why they should sign up with you, but, you need to know this at a core level. I ask people this all the time, “Would you sign up with you”? You have to be able to answer that yes or you will constantly struggle at network marketing recruiting. Good leaders that also sponsor a lot of people know why they are a good sponsor so you should too. Here is a checklist of what, in my opinion, makes up a good leader that, if you do, can make you a good one too:

– Do you train your people?
– Are you constantly prospecting and practicing what you preach?
– Do you look for ways to help your downline?
– Are you willing to do 3 way calls?

If you do not do those items above, your problem may be that you do not believe you are someone of value that people should sign up with, which, is the problem more times than not with people who are struggling in their network marketing recruiting.

The Last Why. Why is Your MLM the Best Network Marketing Company?

So, you have your why which is why you want to succeed, now you realize it is important to be able to answer why now is the best time for network marketing, now you have to understand and be able to share why your company is the best network marketing company. In the past this may not have been that important as there were so few. Most of the people you talked to 20 years ago were either not aware of what network marketing was or had only heard of one company so this why wasn’t that big of a deal. Now, with thousands and thousands of multi level marketing companies out there, you have to be able to tell your prospect why your company is the best option. This is especially important when you are talking to other marketers. When I look at an opportunity, I immediately think about the marketing points. Not trying to pitch you my business, but, let me give you some examples. My primary is Numis Network. What excited me about Numis was all the powerful marketing points this company has. This is what I saw:
– A refreshing product that had never been done (Gold and Silver Graded Coins)
– An untapped $100 Billion industry (That is $11 Million an hour) that had no competition with any other MLM
– A product I would love to have a garage full of, funny but true
– A chance to get in early, we only have around 11,000 reps
– A hot, hot trend, gold and silver is being talked about everywhere
– A product that will always be worth something, Silver coin values or gold coin prices have never gone to zero.

So, when I am talking to another marketer, like me, I drop all those marketing points on them and they immediately see major opportunity with how they are going to market Numis. There is a great book out there called “Differentiate or Die” by Jack Trout that talks about the importance of being different and unique. What makes your mlm unique? Why is yours the best network marketing company? You have to be able to answer this why if you want to master network marketing recruiting.

Recap of the 4 Why’s

1. Why do you want to succeed?
2. Why does network marketing make sense to do now?
3. Why should they sign up with you?
4. Why is your mlm the best network marketing company?

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