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3 Steps to Getting Your Head Right for the Big Goals

A lot of people have dreams, but, they are not mentally ready for those dreams. The dream may consist of a perfect spouse, car, house, boat, etc. Here is a guarantee, you will NOT receive or achieve any of those things until  you are mentally prepared to do so. You have to have the right mindset before anything great will show up in your life.

To the right you will see a picture of a 2010 BMW 750li. Now, I am actually not a big car guy but I certainly appreciate that car and having ridden in them before, I know they are very, very nice cars. The exciting part about that picture to me personally is I am very, very close to winning one with my company! It is a really awesome feeling knowing I will be driving around in a car that I got for free, I basically have 5 days left of this month to hit it or will have to wait till next month so please, wish me some luck! But, lets get to the point of this blog. I am going to reveal the 3 biggest steps you can take to get yourself mentally ready for whatever big goal or dream you are after.

Step 1. Do not mentally separate yourself from those that already have your goal or dream. I could write what I mean here but it is easier explained in this video

Step 2. Be grateful for what you have but also be grateful to those that have what you want. I don’t think you can get great things into your life until you are grateful for what you have. So, what do you have? Well, if you are one of those people that say you don’t have anything, I disagree. I read once that 27,000 people a day die from dysentery, which, is from lack of clean water. If you are able to drink clean water, stop complaining and start being grateful for the eyes to read this and the roof over your head. Another very powerful way to be is to also be grateful for the things that OTHER people have achieved. Poor people, or should I say, poor mindsets, think of people that have more than them in a negative mindset. “He doesn’t deserve that”, “She’s just lucky”, etc, are common statements made by envious, and poor, people. You never ever want to be envious of what others have as that is the sure way that you will never have it. Be happy for others whether you feel they deserve it or not, think about it like this, what is the alternative?

Step 3. Replace complaining with action. This is a quote I made up over 2 years ago, “The ability to say Woe is Me displays the abundance of Inactivity”. If you have time to complain, it simply means you are not in action. People in action don’t have time to sit around and complain. They certainly have bad things happen but they deal with them by action and then go back to building and taking more action. When you find yourself discussing something that is not leading you to your dreams, ask yourself these two questions:

“Is what I am doing right now serving me and my goals” and then ask “What COULD I be doing that would bring me closer to my goals”

Everything in the universe is either growing or dying, nothing stands still. Not the blades of grass outside, not the trees and you are always either growing toward your goals, or shrinking away from them.

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