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The Objections That Give Most Numis Network Reps Nightmares!


This blog is mainly intended for Numis Network reps but feel free to read on if you have an interest in THE toughest questions you could possibly as a Numis rep. Numis Network is a gold and silver network marketing company based out of Tampa, Florida that launched August 15th, 2009. This company has generated more interest, skepticism, questions and excitment than probably any new network marketing company in the last decade (possibly since Excel). As the #1 income earner I have heard every single objection to this company and I thought I would take the time to lay out all the TOUGH questions I have seen people get stumped with or come up with in regards to our company.

Numis Network, in my opinion, is the only network marketing company I have been a part of that the more you research and dig, the better it actually looks! Most companies you poke around and the model falls apart and you choose whether to ignore the issues or get out of the company. I encourage any of those checking out Numis Network, keep poking, you won’t find a weakness that I have been able to find. With that being said, lets dive into the TOUGH questions that most Numis Network reps would be terrified to hear!

1. I can get your product cheaper on eBay. This is a funny one to me. It seems like Numis Network is the only network marketing company that gets this one, it is almost like people hold it against us that our product are assets, but, lets go there! We currently have over 100 coins and coin sets. Our standard autoship product is the modern year ANACS MS-70 graded American Silver Eagle. You will see this same coin sell for a low of $62 and a high of $120 on eBay. Could you get the coin cheaper on eBay? Yes, with spending some time shopping around and also assuming you will get what you paid for, which, is not always the case on eBay. However, most people miss the fact that other mlm companies also have their products sold on eBay! I see our products sell for 62-120% on eBay everyday with the average being closer to 80% of what we pay. I have yet to find ANY other network marketing product that sells for more than what a member pays for their product. There are certain coins and sets we have that are even cheaper than what eBay sells! I don’t want ot ruffle any feathers but if you look on eBay for the most popular skincare, makeup, juice, pills, powders you will consistently see those other mlm products sell for 35-50% of what their members pay. Also, Luckily, the world does not solely operate by eBay or there would be no physical book stores, car lots of places to buy electronic stores.

2. I prefer bullion. My answer to this is “Me Too”. I think bullion is a great investment right now, I am not a financial planner nor am I giving advice, just stating my personal investing preferences. So, how does one know if they should buy bullion versus work Numis Network? It is real simple. IF you have made your money, and you DO NOT require an income stream nor do you have an interest in building a business, You should just buy bullion. Bullion does not provide an income stream, it is an invesment. Numis Network is NOT an investment, it is a network marketing company. If you are like me and most of the other average Joe’s out there that still need to create an income, you might consider working Numis Network. Most people that tell me they prefer bullion don’t even buy bullion. I take some of the money I make from Numis and buy bullion with it, I think that is a pretty cool strategy.

3. If the market goes to crap, who would want collectible coins? This would be a great question, if we were not dealing with precious metal collectible coins. What people are hinting at here is hyperinflation, which, I can tell you, no one is really prepared for no matter how many Ron Paul books they read. Similar to question 1, this is another place where people seem to selectively target Numis Network without consideration of ALL the other network marketing companies. If we experience hyperinflation, you would not want to be the person trying to sell a $50 juice when people are scrambling for canned goods. In fact, I would argue we have the ONLY product that would be worthwhile having in THOSE kind of terrible times. I do not hope those times come, quite the contrary but if they do happen, I will be much happier having collectible coins with precious metal content.

4. The coins aren’t worth what they say they are. This is an easy one. Tell them to shop around. If you look at any online retail place, you will consistently see our product sold for more. I have seen online retail stores like govmint, firstfederal and shopNBC sell our coins for 100-200% of our price. This is a question that luckily, we don’t really have to ponder. Mike Mezack is our executive partner and he is the number one salesman in the world for collectible coins, he knows what moves in the market. In this economy he sold $125 million on home shopping network last year and not all of them were gold or silver coins, some were just collectible coins such as state quarters, etc. One of the best questions I get is “How much can I sell these coins for in 5 years?” My answer to that is “Isn’t it cool we can have that conversation?” We have the only network marketing product I know of that you would even ask that question.

5. There is no way you could sell these coins for what you paid. We are not creating an investment club nor are we teaching how to flip coins. Our product is something that will ALWAYS have a value but, like any collectible, you cannot typically purchase collectibles one day and profit on selling them the next day. If you buy a Michael Jordan rookie card today for retail price, it is unlikely you could flip it the next day for a profit, however, that collectible will most likely always be able to be sold for SOMETHING, which, again, is unlike any other network marketing product I have seen. A question that goes along with this is “How can I sell these coins?” Well, these are just like any other collectible, you can dump them by going to a dealer and possibly get 40-60% of retail price or you can try to sell to other collectors which might get you closer to retail value. Avenues such as eBay, craigs list, newspaper ads, etc might attract other collectors. Below you will see me breakdown how big this industry is so you will see there is an actual possibility of finding other collectors.

6. No way the company can sustain the supplying of these coins. The US mint, since 1986, is under federal law has to supply the demand of these coins. Ronald Reagan put this program into place to help with the deficit and it is HIGHLY profitable for the government to continue this practice. Keep in mind we don’t work with liberty mint, franklin mint or Jimmy’s mint, we only buy coins from government mints. But, lets just argue that fact, lets say that all of a sudden our reps find themselves unable to put their hands on any new coins, would you want to have a product that is no longer available?

7. No way the compensation is sustainable, they cannot pay that much out in coded bonuses. I like this question, this one comes more from mlm veterans and then once they realize the truth, they get pretty excited. The knowledge that SHOULD go with this question should be the understanding that Ian Cordell and Chris Kent own IDSTC. For the last decade they have been creating compensation plans for other network marketing companies. In fact, they have created the compensation plans for almost 400 other network marketing companies the last ten years.

One area where people believe the compensation plan is too good to be true is in the coded matching bonus. When you first see the 2 star coded matching bonus it appears like everyone through infinity is getting a $100 bonus, which, obviously cannot be true. Pay attention to the staggering nature of that bonus and it will make sense as no one gets a 100% match on their first 3 as that is their 1 star code. For more information, check out the numis network compensation plan video.

8. ANACS is not that respected of a grading company, only PCGS and NGC make sense to purchase. There are hundreds of coin grading companies. Only 4 of them are recognized in the industry. PCGS, NGC, ANACS and ICG are the four companies. We work with the top 3 but our autoship product is ANACS. ANACS is the oldest coin grading company of the four but some collectors prefer PCGS and NGC. However, PCGS and NGC are not setup to ever do business in a bulk manner. Let me explain. PCGS and NGC charge you for every coin you send in regardless of what grade it comes back with. Typically to get an MS-70 coin out of a fresh off the press bulk lot of silver eagles you are looking at around 9-10% of the coins that fall off the press coming back perfect (MS-70). If you had to pay for the $15-$20 each for the 90-91% of the coins that came back less than MS-70, that would make you charge a lot of money for the MS-70’s as they were so expensive to produce. ANACS (and actualy ICG) allow you to pay for the MS-70’s only and get the loose coins back that were not perfect, this makes your total overheard to create MS-70’s much cheaper. Now, Numis Network does one step more in that we have someone physically look at each coin before they even go to ANACS, thereby giving us a very high percentage of the coins we actually send in to come back as MS-70 graded. By the way, think no one wants ANACS? Mike Mezack sold $125 million of ANACS to consumers last year. =)

9. Binary compensation plans suck. I said this when I first looked at Numis Network, LOL. Historically, binary compensation plans have been the most lucrative compensation plans…for the company. Binaries have some great aspects but also some terrible ones. The good part about a binary is there is an urgency factor as the people that come onboard fall into the system chronologically meaning that people that come in after fall UNDER the people already in. I have seen this little fact change incomes in a huge way. You can get to much higher residuals by getting in earlier than those that come in later. I tell people if you know you are going to do Numis Network, better to get in and get your spot now and then work it whenever you can rather than wait to even get a spot. The other thing I like about binaries is the sense of cooperation. A lot of compensation plans create competition as each person that someone enrolls falls specifically under that person rather than under others. Uni-levels do this and so do several others. I love the idea that if someone signs up my Mom and they are simply in my team anywhere, I know she is still in my team. This is unlike others where Mom would be on a different leg.

Here’s the bad about a binary. They only pay you based on how well you balance your legs. This gives an incredible “house-advantage” that makes binary companies very, very profitable, , again, for the company. Let me give you my example. My first network marketing company was a binary compensation plan and I had 9 $100,000+ a year earners in my team that I brought in or were brought in by people that I brought in (directly tied to me, not spillover). Unfortunately, they were all in one leg! In most binary plans that means you lose. Not only do most binaries pay you based on your lesser leg they even ratchet your pay based on what rank you are, which, you guessed it, is based on your lesser leg! Let me ask you something, if you introduced someone to a company that ended up making the company hundreds of thousands of dollars, shouldn’t you get something? In Numis Network you get big fat coded bonuses…ON BOTH LEGS. And, you can reach a rank of 4 star in the company with only having one person in your lesser leg taking advantage of all of the standard bonuses. If I have received coded bonuses on the people in my big leg that I put there in my first company, I highly doubt I would be writing this right now as I would still be in that company!

10. There is no money in something that is not consumed each month. What would you rather have a garage full of? Juice, makeup, air filters, coffee, travel vouchers or gold and silver coins? It is true we are not a consumable but in my opinion we are the ultimate consumable as we have a zero time delay of desired consumption…regardless of existing inventory! That means if you had a warehouse full of gold and silver coins, you would still take another one if I offered you one. We have a product that you can never have too much of nor is anyone offended by it.

11. Who the hell buys collectible coins in this economy? Good luck with that! I thought this one too until I actually did some research. You ready for this? Collectible coins is a $100 billion industry worldwide per year according to the American Numismatic Association. Do you know what that means? Lets break it down.

$100,000,000,000 = worldwide purchasing per year of collectible coins.
/365 = $273,972,602 = daily purchase of collectible coins worldwide
/365 /24 = $11,415,525 – hourly purchase of collectible coins worldwide

In this economy, $11 million an hour is purchased of collectible coins but this has never been done in a network marketing company. If you compare that to health and wellness, which, is a $700 billion a year industry that may sound small, however, when you realize there are currently over 4,200 health and wellness network marketing companies out there, in my opinion, that makes our company more attractive.

12. What if silver goes to $2,000 an ounce like some predict? This one makes me chuckle. My answer is, “I don’t know but I might sell some of my coins.” I don’t think anyone I have brought into this business will be upset if our product goes to that value. If silver did go that high I would imagine the government mints around the world would adjust their denomination of coins like they do with gold and make 1/10 and 1/4 ounce products.

13. All Coins that are new from the mint are MS-70. This will ONLY be said by someone who has never bought bullion. If you ever do buy bullion, still sealed from the US Mint and pop the green cover off the tube, you will see a bunch of coins beated up and scratched. Funny side note to this is PCGS and NGC poo-poo’d grading modern issue coins until Mike Mezack started selling millions and millions of dollars worth, they then got off their high horse and followed suit. Plus, this objection makes no sense, if every new coin was MS-70 why would anyone bother getting them graded and certainly why would anyone pay a premium like they currently do in many retail places and eBay?

There you have it! Those are the TOUGHEST questions I have heard about Numis Network, hope they helped you!

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