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The #1 Success Crushing Attribute You HAVE to Avoid

You can have knowledge. You can have willpower. You can have great relationships with people, but, I do not think you can have true success if you possess this attribute. This is the attribute I see over and over from people that are simply not succeeding. In this blog I am going to show you how you can determine if you have this attribute. In fact, I am going to give you a way to check to see if you have this attribute then I am going to show you how to eliminate it.

The attribute I am referring to is the victim mentality. If you have the victim mentality you will see success slip away from you, but, you have to understand it is solely by your design. When you are a victim and you get a payoff being a victim, you will keep finding reasons why you should continue being a victim. When you enjoy the attention of being a victim and always having something to talk to people about, you get addicted to it and you crave it and it must show up in your life.

But wait, here is the hilarious part. Some of you reading this are thinking, “Yeah, I hate people that act like victims too”, watch out, you may have some victim attributes too there Mr or Mrs High and Mighty! Here are some examples how you can determine if you have a small to massive victim mentality:

Circumstance: Someone at work gets a promotion and a big pay raise or hits a new level in their MLM.
Victim: They don’t deserve that pay raise, how come I never get a pay raise? A victim will say this even if they never even applied for the position or tried to hit that new rank.

Circumstance: Anything bad happens to you (car accident, parking ticket, argument with spouse, etc)
Victim: This always happens to me. Figures. They attach the circumstance to their actual identity. They equate bad things happening as just how life is. They believe the world conspires against them. They focus more on a story they created about what happened versus moving in a positive direction. Mired in their current circumstances they become exhausted focused on crap that already happened that they can do nothing about.

Circumstance: A person reaches out for help.
Victim: Usually won’t voice this in front of others as that would make them look bad but thinks what about me? They focus on how much help they need.

Circumstance: Someone around them reaches success. (similar to first one)
Victim: Well, if they were so great they should share some money with me, us, people like us, etc. (almost sounds political doesn’t it?)

A victim’s goal is to show you how pitiful they are and how they should be pitied and how anyone of success or ability is evil and bad and non-deserving. Victims will look for the bad in people rather than the good attributes. A victim will search for faults in opportunities, people, companies, etc relentlessly like there is a reward for doing so.

How can you stop being a victim?

Believe in yourself. A victim only believes in their super-power in making everyone else responsible for their failure. The ultimate shift someone can make in their life is stop pointing the fingers and start looking in the mirror. Now, just to head off some riduculous comments I will probably receive, I am not talking about TRUE victims. I am talking about those who play the victim mentality like the government is paying them to do so. (in some cases the government is)

When you focus on forces you cannot control, like anyone but yourself, you lose all your power and you build your frustration. Take charge today. Know that you can be, do or have anything you want but YOU are the one that is responsible. You do not need to find someone new to plug your umbilical cord back into. One of my favorite guys that could have chosen to be a victim but refused, is Lance Armstrong. When the doctors told him he would never, ever ride a bike again and probably would never walk, Lance said “This disease picked the wrong damn body”.

What would you have said?

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