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Testimonial and Why You Should
Desire to Make an Impact

This could be my most emotional blog post about why you should desire to make an impact. This industry has the ability to place you on a platform to make an impact, if you choose to, do yourself a favor and listen to this audio.

Meet Steve Krivda

Last night I attended a home meeting at my friends Danielle and Steve Krivda. He rocked it but afterwards he pulled me aside and gave me an amazing testimonial about how his life has improved. This audio has NOTHING to do with me but all to do with why everyone should work hard to be placed in a position to make an impact. Do yourself a favor and seriously, listen to this audio interview with one of the most amazing guys I have ever met.

Steve used to have massive anxiety attacks and used to question is he was worthy of having great things in his life. You may hear things in here that fire you up to go help some people.

Listen to the audio here

Steve refers to my home study course I did awhile back called Vibrational Money Immersion. Know that each and every one of you can make an impact if you choose. I am still emotional from spending time with Steve last night, you know, sometimes, we all question is we are on the right path, doing the right things, it is times like this that I am so greatly honored to have been placed on a platform to make an impact with others. You have that power too.

By the way, if you would like to test drive the VMI course, you can get it at $100 off here

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