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Telling it “Like it is” keeps it “Like it is”

I believe everyone creates their own reality. That doesn’t mean that we necessarily manifest the deaths or sicknesses in our life but I do believe we shape our experiences based on our vocabulary and how we carry ourselves. That being said, if you carry yourself the wrong way, you get what you ask for.

Here are some quotes from varying people from my facebook page.

“glad to see someone making money in this business, cause I am sure not!!”

when discussing a company event:

“I will not have any guest as i myself will not be there, have yet to make a penny with Numis Network so can’t afford to attend. Beside Ray will be the one everyone signs ujp with anyway. why bother with a no star when you can hook up under the only 6 star!”

Now some of you reading those statements cringed and thought, wow, that dude has issues. It goes deeper than that and it has to do with addictions. Every single emotion we carry around with us is tied to certain chemicals in our body, more specifically to amino acid peptides that are issued from our hypothalmus. Every cell in our body dies off at some point, some within seconds, minutes or even years but those cells inherit the traits of the past cells. So, when you are depressed, depression amino acid peptides get sent from the hypothalmus and attach to our cells then when they die, the new cells inherit the traits of the past cells (which include the depressive traits). That kind of explains the downward spiral doesn’t it? THE LONGER YOU BITCH ABOUT HOW BAD THINGS ARE, THE MORE BAD YOU WILL NOTICE THINGS BECOMING.

The continued practice of telling everyone how bad things are dictates the manifesting of more bad things. The payoff for the complainer is they get attention. A lot of times they may believe that they are unable to get attention by actually producing so in their efforts to get attention, they find comfort in being cynical, skeptical, spending time talking about others and in general being a debbie downer.

“The ability to say Woe is Me shows the abundance of inactivity”
– Ray Higdon

If you truly do want to have a different life experience, you have to be willing to change what your focus is on. If you get a major payoff from complaining and getting negative attention then you certainly can keep doing that and keep having crummy experiences. It is guaranteed to work so there is a level of comfort there. The more you complain and moan and cry, you will assuredly get more to moan and cry about (maybe our Fathers had more wisdom than they knew!).

Change Your Story

Pretend like you have a magic wand. But, it’s one of those funny magic wands that you could actually screw up with. For example, if you were in 110 degree temperature you might joke and say “Boy, I need a jacket” and POOF, you would then be wearing a jacket. So, pretend like whatever you focus on or talk about WILL show up in your life like magic. If you talk about how tough things are, they will get tougher. If you talk about how little money you have, you will get less money. But, on the flip side, if you talk about how great things are becoming or how much you are learning or how wonderful life is, THAT is what you will see with this magic wand.

You have the magic wand, use it wisely.

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