Today I am going to share with you some secrets on raising your vibration. Why would one want to raise their vibration? Well, the more consistently high you can keep your vibration, the better you will attract good things into your life! You see, we are all made of energy, we are not just lumps of meat and flesh running around here, we, and everything around us, is energy and the higher our vibration, the better we feel and the easier we attract the things we want in our life including health, wealth, abundance and ease of mind.

1) Stay in the attitude of gratitude. Keep your mind focused on the things you are so grateful for in your life. Maybe it is being grateful that you have the eyes to see this or the vocal cords to share this with others. A more advanced way of staying in this mode is to thank every single object you use throughout the day for allowing you to use it. Thank the computer for allowing you to gather knowledge. Thank for the phone for allowing you to communicate. Thank the air you breathe for keeping you alive, etc, etc.
2) Stop your need for separation. There is no need to label everyone around you just to display their separation. Some reading this are still in a victim stage that believes that everything in their life just happens to them or the world happens to them. Those who have not reached a higher vibration are not to be tolerated, accepted or put up with…they are to be loved as you love yourself.
3) Find peace in your mind and heart. No matter who or where you are, there will be people that disagree with you or have a different opinion than you. That is totally ok and doesn’t make them right and you wrong or vice-versa. You do not need to be right and prove them wrong. You do not need to prove your thinking to prove your superiority. You only need to love. For you to wish ill on anyone else is to wish ill upon a part of you. The outside world does not need to be changed, like Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world”

I love what I do and I hope you do as well! As a SWFL Life Coach I get to spend my time helping others! I hope wherever you are in your journey you get to have the pleasure of helping others!

Ray Higdon
SWFL Life Coach

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