Today I had the pleasure or meeting with Naples Video Company owners, John and Sue Haberkorn. John and Sue Haberkorn are awesome, awesome people that I am so glad to have met and enjoyed our lunch today. John and Sue do high quality Naples video product for websites and companies and I can tell you that their work is awesome!

On the spot I decided to use their services for an upcoming SWFL free marketing event I am doing on July 8th. As with anyone I meet with, I also love helping and providing value and so I shared some ideas with the Naples video company owners on how they can possibly increase profits. Here are some of those tips that may also give you some ideas!

1. Focus on creation of content to give yourself options. Let’s face it, no one wants to go on working forever. When you create reusable, preferably digital content (perfect for a Naples video company) then it gives you options. You can create a continuity program for it and set it on auto-pilot or you can create products out of the content to sell on Ebay or other types of websites.

2. As most small business owners are clueless about marketing and are like meat in the water to hundreds of advertising salespeople, they get numb to empty promises and get frustrated on what to believe and what is real. Instead of educating a small business owner that they should be using video (which they should), create videos or blogs that would intercept traffic they could be getting to show then how it is done. If you are a marketing, advertising company, show them that you use your own product or ideas, then show them your own results rather than just your theories of how many people watch TV, attend chambers, listen to the the radio, read the newspaper, etc.

3. Be selective in your clients. The clients that pay the least and demand the highest workload are usually not worth the money! Be happy with every client you CHOOSE to work with. That is right, don’t just take anyone because they will pay you, be selective and be specific on what their expectations are. A bad client COST you time and money, they don’t make you a dime.

Hope these help you in your endeavors!

Ray Higdon
SWFL Internet Marketer
Southwest Florida Twitter Guy

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