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Ignore the Negative -Increase Your MLM Production

Do you know what I believe is the number one ingredient to having success in network marketing? It is certainly not talent but I do believe it is focus. Focus would also include consistency but you will only have consistency when you have focus. One of the biggest stealers of dreams and focus is allowing yourself to get insulted, this blog post will help you and your team prevent this calamity.

How People Kill Their MLM Production

Most insults don’t happen externally, they happen in the mind of the person that gets insulted. People will take a tiny amount of facts and in their mind piece it all together like they are Sherlock Holmes to deduce the intention of the person they believe insulted them. They won’t typically actually confront the person, why would they need to do that when they already know what that person meant?

The reality is, we all mistake signals all the time and if we spend too much time in our own heads piecing crap together to determine just how much someone insulted us, we will greatly suffer in MLM production. I have seen very promising marketers quit their network marketing company over an insult they engineered in their mind that was nowhere near reality.

Ray and Family in Vail

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Will the Insults Stop When You Get There?

Haha, common misconception. Once you reach a level of success, the insults do not stop, they get more interesting. As the number one income earner in my network marketing company there have been at least a dozen times where I got upset because I felt insulted by the owners who I love dearly. Every single time I had blown it out of proportion on my end and let it go or talked to them about it and got it cleared up. This is just one example of many.

Critical: What to do when  you feel insulted

Let’s all just agree that no matter where you are in life there will be opportunities where you feel insulted. Now, some people seem to go around looking for ways to be insulted (and they always find them) so don’t be one of those people but this is to help those who truly want to increase their MLM production and get rid of that dis-empowering energy of being insulted.

1. If you feel you have been insulted, weigh the impact of that person in your life. Does a conversation need to occur or would letting it go be just fine. Arguing for the sake of being right will typically prevent people from being happy.

2. Get out of your head and start to produce. Get out of the stands and get on the court, if you do not understand what I mean, read this post I wrote – How to get into action

3. Just let it go and move on. You would be shocked at how hugely impacting on your business it is to never easily get offended. I have people send me nasty emails, post nasty comments and here is the reality that I learned from a John Maxwell book, people that hurt others are usually the ones hurting. Everyone is fighting their own battle. Some people will be genuinely trying to insult you but most we make up in our mind, let it go. The more you let the little things go, the more you open your horizons to the things that matter.

If You Can Prevent Being Insulted, You Will Become Unmessable

A lot of my team has seen me do a training on how to be unmessable and it always gets the most emotion out of the crowd. I wrote a short article on this topic here – How to be unmessable with your MLM. I greatly attribute my success with my ability to rarely get insulted. I have had teammates turn down my offer of coaching, had teammates tell me why they preferred to follow other people, had people tell me I was an idiot for pursuing this industry, the list goes on and on and on of things I COULD have been offended by but weren’t. Always keep your eye on the prize and think to yourself, will me being insulted help me in my dreams? The answer, almost always, is no. What would happen if instead of being insulted and debilitated you used each possible insult to drive you to produce more numbers, call more people, turn up the heat in your business? You would succeed…

Some Quotes to Help You

Forgive all who have offended you, not for them, but for yourself.  – Harriet Nelson

When you are offended at any man’s fault, turn to yourself and study your own failings. Then you will forget your anger.  – EpictetusWhenever anyone has offended me, I try to raise my soul so high that the offense cannot reach it.  – Rene Descartes

While conscience is our friend, all is at peace; however once it is offended, farewell to a tranquil mind.  – Mary Wortley Montagu

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