This is inspired from some things I recently learned from the landmark forum, much gratitude to that organization. – Ray Higdon

Are you in the stands or on the court?

Picture life like a basketball game. You have people in the stands, players on the court and coaches. How do you spend your day? Do you spend your day thinking about what you are going to do? Do you spend your day studying for something you plan to do? Do you spend your day complaining about others? Do you spend your day complaining about things that happen?


People that are in the stands of life talk, gossip, hate, love those people that are really living life. Whether you are jealous or envious of your neighbor or admiring of your favorite sports star or country music singer, that is NOT living on the court. That is living your life in a mass trance and allowing life to pass you by while you do a great job of being a spectator. Ever notice that people in the stands of games will boo or talk about which way the player should have done this or that? Life is so painfully mundane when you don’t have anything on the line. We go through this life and do what we do and then we die. Talking about writing the book you want to write, planning your around the world vacation, even reading this note right now, is still spectating. Get on the court. Get on the court by taking action. Take action by calling the people you have been meaning to call but keep putting off. Take action by eliminating the divide between the people you care most about. What does Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and yes, even Obama, all have in common? They are human. So are we all. We all have the same capabilities in us. One person can make a difference in this world. You can make a difference today by just sharing that infectious smile of yours. You can make a difference by holding your loved one a little longer. The next time you start complaining about all the things that are wrong with your spouse, stop and ask yourself, what do you love about them? What are the things that originally attracted you to them? What is the security, the compassion, the sex? What was it?


There is no someday. Someday is made up. Someday is laziness. Next time you say someday, just correct yourself and say I will never do that thing I would like to do. Here’s an example:
“Someday I will find the job of my dreams” and convert it to
“It is not important enough for me to find the job of my dreams so I will just settle my entire life”

Sounds a little different right? But unfortunately, it is accurate.

Take action now. Wanna fix a relationship? Pick up the phone and do it. Wanna write a book? Don’t finish this note and start writing it. Want to find your perfect soul mate? Love who you are, and you will attract someone that loves you. Stop blaming others. Stop pointing the fingers.


I know, I know, some of you have REALLY, REALLY good reasons why YOU are screwed up or why your love life sucks or why you can’t be successful. You are not unique. Your circumstances have happened before, and people overcame them. Don’t believe me? Ok, here goes.

As a child this woman grew up in a boarding house and her Mom relied on welfare. It was until the age of 7 that this woman experienced a bed of her own having always had to share. This woman was raped at the age of 9 by her cousin, then taken out for ice cream and told to keep it secret. This would not be the last time. Later her uncle would do the same as well as a family friend. At the age of 14 she gave birth to a boy that died two weeks later. Do you know who this woman is?

That woman, is Oprah Winfrey.

Now, some people find fault like there is a reward for it. Maybe your story is WORSE than Oprahs…so what? What do you wish to win? Do you wish to win an award for most screwed up life? Or would you rather live a life worth living?

There is nothing holding you back but yourself. Jack Canfield says Success is just outside your comfort zone. Take Action Today, not someday. When you are on the court the experiences are more vivid, your energy is unlimited and you lose the shackles of limitation and fear. You have all that which you need within you, just take action and be a witness to how great you really are.

Blessings and Gratitude!


Founder of The Forever Wealth Club