Southwest Florida Twitter guy here! Some companies are still in the dark ages when it comes to their social media approach, either with their non-existent approach or their caveman-ish only try to sell approach. Here are some interesting statistics I have seen from various speakers and webinars on social media.

Twitter Doubles in Size every 90 days. Estimated to be at 50 million users by December 2009.

Facebook has 355 million users and adds 350,000 new users per day.

Average person reads 6 blogs per day.

Ages 18-34 spend 40% of their time online on social media.

83% of ALL online population use social media.

1 in 5 employers use social media.

89% of kids ages 6-11 spend time doing online activities.

Fastest growing segment on facebook is women age 55+.

Just some little stats for you with your social media/networking sites!

Ray Higdon
Southwest Florida Twitter Guy