I love helping people, I really do. As a Southwest Florida Twitter marketer I talk to lots of people trying to make money online and local business owners trying to make sense out of this economy. When you come to grips that there is no recession on the Internet, well, you realize you can make as much money as you want with your ideas and hard work. This week I finished week 4 of 6 of my Southwest Florida Internet Marketing Mastermind where I am teaching people how to make money online via social media, pay per click, copywriting and SEO. I have been hearing some great feedback but I teach a way to build twitter that really works well and here is a video on how I helped a Florida Gators Twitter guy.

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Ray Higdon
Southwest Florida Twitter Guy

With over 5,600 followers on Twitter, I know what works to build your twitter following, this system works and I have personally purchased it and use it.