Hey there, today I am sharing some twitter tips for you! In Southwest Florida, twitter is real hot right now and I see lots of people getting educated on it which is great!

I have over 4,000 followers in the 60 days that I have been doing twitter and a lot of it has to do with understanding how it works. I do not constantly sell something but I do post content that I would actually want to read like inspirational quotes, etc. I also have most of my tweeting and twittering automated through different applications. If you are trying to manually build your twitter following, I think that is a tough route to go, in my opinion. I have helped people setup twitter for themselves or their business and automated it for them. One friend of mine I helped has over 400 followers in less than 2 weeks and they are all targeted followers for her line of work. She has spent less than 10 minutes on twitter! I love helping people and I do believe Twitter is a useful application for your local business marketing as well as connecting with new friends!

Ray Higdon
Southwest Florida Twitter Expert

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