As a southwest Florida marketer I get to talk to a wide range of people with very different marketing questions. I talk to affiliate marketers, which are the guys selling other people’s products online, social media experts, which are typically (but not always) the people that work to get PR and attention and sometimes find ways to make money at it and small business owners that are typically the last ones to know what really works in the marketing world and are either getting the marketshare of the business or are currently struggling. Here are 3 reasons why all three types should be blogging.

1) Search engines love blogs. Search engines love freshly updated content and blogs create an easy way to do this. Now, some affiliate marketers only do PPC and media buys so they may not have a use for blogs but ALL small business owners and social media people should be using blogs to their advantage. For you small business owners, you can easily get traffic on your local terms. For example, if you are selling Naples real estate, blogging about Naples real estate everyday would get the search engines to really, really like you. For the social media experts, you don’t want all of your content owned by someone else do you? You want to create some sort of following that is owned and operated by you right? I will tell you why in the last tip.

2) Blogging is free. I am not sure if there is a more powerful FREE tool other than blogging that can get you traffic, leads and possibly money. Article marketing is good but you are limited to how many and how fast they can be published and you cannot control how much advertising dollars you make with article marketing.

3) You can make money from blogging! There are several ways to do this. Here are some ideas:
– If you are getting a lot of traffic, you can charge for someone to have a banner on your site.
– You can install Google’s adsense, these are the google pay per click ads and if someone clicks them, you get paid (not as lucrative as they once were)
– You can become an affiliate of someone else’s product, let them fulfill the sale and you get a commission. (I believe this is the most powerful way, and it is typically free to be an affiliate for someone)

There, I hope these tips may help convince you to start doing more blogging, let me know what you think by leaving me a comment (even if you disagree!)

Ray Higdon
Southwest Florida Marketer
Southwest Florida Twitter Guy

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