I hope you are all having a wonderful week! I am excited as
leave for Los Angeles Today and I have never been! I am
there for two reasons, (1) My friend got my a free ticket
attend Joel Bauer’s “How to profit from your passion” event
Saturday and Sunday (sound right up my alley right?) and I
hoping to swing by Michael Beckwith’s Agape Church on
Friday Night.
Exciting Stuff! Here are the two events for next week that
feature some really, really amazing educators.

Feb 25th – Down Market Strategies for Massive Wealth

National Speaker and Trainer Glenn Purdy
This is a Free Event!
Glenn Purdy is a master mind behind sales and success
systems for such people as Robert Allen (Cracking the
Millionaire Code), Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup for the
Soul), Charles J. Givens(Wealth Without Risk), and designed
sales models proliferated throughout the industry and has
generated multiple sales generating over a billion dollars.
The number one success and sales trainer in the world has
trained tens and tens of thousands of people to achieve
their own success and dreams

Sam Seltzers Backroom
12635 South Cleveland Avenue
In the Clarion Hotel
Ft. Myers, Florida 33907
Admission is FREE

Feb 28th – Mastering Search Engine Optimization
With SEO Expert Greg Parsons
Greg Parsons is the Founder & CEO of Netwide Media LLC,
started in 2001.  Netwide Media was formed as a general IT
consulting firm, and evolved by 2003 into purely a search
engine optimization and marketing firm due to the increased
demand from clients for reliable marketing services.  Greg
has been involved in search engine optimization from the
infant stages of SEO and has achieved positive ROI for
hundreds of clients over the years.  In an industry that
changes as frequently as search engine marketing does, you
want to make sure you are hearing the latest information
– what worked last year may not work this year. Greg is amazing
and recently brought a supplement company to almost $500,000
a month in sales, JUST THROUGH SEO!
Naples Area Board of Realtors
1455 Pine Ridge Rd
Naples, FL
Cost: $19.95
Click below to buy your ticket

——New Article——-
Are you ready to be great?

Are you really ready to be great? What does it take? To be
great you have to be above the normal water cooler negative talk.
You have to talk about the things you want, versus the things you
do not want. You have to KNOW that you are on this planet to
live abundantly. You have AMAZING abilities within you. You
need to know that you are significant and needed on this planet.
Be happy where you are, even if it is not where you thought you
would be. When you are happy and grateful for the things you do have,
you attract more things to be happy and grateful for. Do you know
people that just seem to be really lucky? Why do you think that is?
It is because they BELIEVE they are lucky, so they are! When you
shift your focus from the things you don’t like to the things you
are grateful for, Life becomes so much easier. BUT, there is a catch!
When you make that shift, when you focus on the good and not ALL
the things you used to complain about, you may start getting
weird feedback from your friends, co-workers or family members.
Mediocrity always attacks greatness. This may be the toughest
transition for you, but what waits on the other side of your
transformation is something wonderful and great and a life
you never dreamed possible. Those that are mediocre and happily
unhappy, or in a mass trance believing that life just happens to
them and they cannnot change anything themselves by just
changing their thoughts, will most certainly attack you when
you come to the realization that you manifest the things that
happen to you. You are a co-creator and the creations that occur
to you are in direct relation to what you are thinking. Think of
debt and lack and you will get debt and lack. The bible tells
us that you reap what you sow, well, you receive what you
THINK about…so be sure to THINK about the things that you
want to show up in your life, not the things you do not!

Make it an awesome day!
Much Love and Gratitude!


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