As a Southwest Florida Coach I get to talk and help a lot of people from anything to marketing questions to mental barriers that are holding them back from achieving their dreams. Today’s question came from someone who is struggling with trying to get their partner to buy into their ideas. So how do you get your partner to buy into your ideas?

First of all, know that anytime you give away your power to someone or something you cannot control, you typically lose. You do not HAVE to have buy-in from your partner to be successful and if you are using that as an excuse for not achieving your dreams, then that is a problem. Also know there are stories after stories about spouses or partners who did not have buy-in from their partners that achieved massive success. You are in control of your future. Also consider the possibility that your partner wants to see how dedicated you are to your ideas, especially if you have had a history of pitching a lot of new ideas. Remember, no one can control your success, only you can!

Ray Higdon
Southwest Florida Coach and Southwest Florida Twitter Guy

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