So this Saturday I had a vision. I know I can do more to help
people but had never thought of a way. This vision showed me
how. I am currently in the process of leasing commercial
space and having a type of community center to help listen to
and educate those in SWFL that are facing tough times. Those
in foreclosure, those that have lost their job or those
crippled with fear and stress over the current financial
environment. This center will have a nursery for those
parents who need a babysitter, audio stations that people
can come in and listen to such greats as Rich Dad, Poor Dad,
4 hour workweek, think and grow rich, etc. And I will do free
events, with absolutely no sales, to help them address and
overcome their current circumstances.

I have raised money, collected cans, ran laps and served food
and while ALL of those things are worthwhile, they were not
using my talents and skills. Teaching and educating is my
passion and my skill.

Tonight I kick off the first event at the Clarion Hotel at
12635 South Cleveland Ave.
Fort Myers, FL 33907

This event is FREE and I encourage you that if you know
someone who is going through tough times, please invite them
and invite them with the knowledge that they will not be sold
anything. I will not be mentioning ANYTHING I am associated
with. This is NOT a foreclosure help center, nor a credit
repair event. This is a no holds barred, look at your
current situation and lets help you get aligned with where you
want to go. So many people I talk to in SWFL are crippled with
stress and fear. They have been beaten down and have forgotten
that they are still alive. As long as our hearts continue to
beat, we still have so much power within us that we can
literally do anything. Those who attend tonight will have the
opportunity to complete homework of which, those that do, will
have the opportunity to work with me, or one of the other
coaches who have volunteered their time…FOR FREE.

Thank you in helping me get the word out. I will continue to
do these events at places until I have the center as I believe
SWFL needs it.

Ray Higdon
Income Stream Planet