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Social Media Recruiting Video 3 – The Four Pillars

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Want to master social media recruiting for your network marketing business? This short video will explain the critical four pillars that will get you there.

Watch this quick video and master the art of social media recruiting!

The First Two Social Media for Recruiting Videos

In video 1 my wife shared how to qualify your prospects to make sure they are people you would WANT to work with – Social Media Recruiting Video 1

In video 2 Jessica shared powerful questions to help you with Social Media Recruiting: Video 2 Closing the Sale

In this final video she wraps it all up by sharing the four pillars to social media recruiting mastery!

Does this only apply to Facebook recruiting?

You will see my wife talk a lot about Facebook recruiting but understand that these principles will work on ANY social media channel, it is all about the four pillars that she talks about in the below video.

Pay attention to the testimonials she shares as they are pretty awesome, even people with ZERO technical skills have been able to get her social media recruiting formula to work for them and their team.

WARNING when using Social Media for Recruiting!

Once you dive deep and really understand Jessica’s social media recruiting formula you are going to be pretty savvy at signing people up and finding customers. ALWAYS remember, even when you are super efficient at doing this that social media is STILL about building relationships, NOT just making sales. If you focus on making more friends on a daily basis, it IS fun and can also be very profitable.

Video: Social Media Recruiting Formula – Video 3

IF you want to understand and truly get her full formula, make sure you register and attend this webinar on Thursday night at 9pm Eastern.

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