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Facebook Recruiting: Closing the Sale


This is video 2 on social media recruiting and this is about closing the sale, especially for Facebook recruiting.

Watch this short video to learn 3 powerful questions to help you with closing the sale.

Yeah to Us!

By the way, the video below is done by my wife and TODAY is our two year anniversary! I know how very lucky I am and YOU are in luck because today’s video is awesome!

Social Media Recruiting Video 1

If you didn’t get a chance to check it out, make sure you watch Social Media Recruiting Video 1 where my wife goes into how to qualify people on social media BEFORE you even bother talking to them about your opportunity.

Facebook Recruiting

Next time you are in a room of network marketers, start asking around if they are on Facebook…we have done this in VERY large crowds from the front of the room before and you will find that about 95% of the people in ANY network marketing room ARE on Facebook.

It makes sense right? IF you are wanting to connect with more prospects and people, of course you should be on the largest social networking site on the planet. So, if THAT is true, perhaps we need to all get better at learning Facebook recruiting, right?

What’s Inside This Video on Closing the Sale

Inside this short video my wife will share with you three of her very best questions that she has used to recruit well over 100 people from her Facebook recruiting efforts. She even explains how she uses them and why you should use them too. She then shares about her upcoming webinar diving deeper, I would suggest getting registered for it here – AFTER you watch the below video of course!

Video 2: Closing and Sales Tips for Social Media

If you found that video valuable, please share around and comment below. Jessica has a great way of teaching social media recruiting and again, IF you want to become a master at closing the sale, make sure you get on her webinar on Thursday at 9pm eastern.

Be sure to come on back tomorrow for the final video in the three part series, I know you are gonna love it!

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