social media recruitingWanting to learn Social Media Recruiting but just not sure if or how to duplicate it in your Network Marketing team?

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Creating Duplication using Social Media

A lot of network marketing leaders that we see out there are going place to place to place and doing meetings constantly and not seeing that traction and not getting that rank advance and that push that they really need.

Face to face training is always needed, so I highly recommend that. However, if you also mix in some social media stuff, you can really, really increase the amount of people that are duplicating and the amount of people that are really leveraging your team for you.

How do you create leaders on social media? You do what you want them to do, number one and you show that you’re doing what you want them to do on your social media page. I highly recommend that you create some type of Facebook group for your community and this is a private group that only your people can see.

In there, you post rank advancements. You post recognition. You post when somebody upgrades their product. You post exciting training that the company has to offer and you teach your team to do the exact same thing when they have new people come onboard.

When you have a Facebook group for your team, people get the idea that they aren’t alone and that YOU aren’t the only level of support they have. Train your people to answer questions in there and to participate. Back when we were actively building a network marketing team and would welcome a new member, that new member might get 100 to 120 welcome comments to our post, how do you think that made them feel?

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