Haven’t heard back from your prospect?

When social media prospecting here is the exact phrase to say to get your prospect to respond back right away. If you want more reps, this WILL help.

Social Media Prospecting:

What’s the best message to send prospects if you haven’t heard from them in a while to re-engage?

This is a very, very common question.

My answer is probably a little counter to what you would think.

What Makes People Respond

So first of all, we have to ask ourselves, psychologically what makes people respond?

There are a couple factors:

FOMO: A lot of times If there’s a fear of missing out that’ll get someone to respond.

Something Attractive: If there is something extremely attractive about the discussion, the conversation, the person, or whatever. If there’s extremely attractive that makes them want to respond.

What To Send When Your Prospect Doesn’t Respond

So, it’ll sound a little contrary. But, we’ve been teaching this for the last few months inside of Rank Makers, and it WORKS like frickin’ crazy.

Once a week, I would go to the people in your Facebook Messenger that haven’t responded in FOUR or MORE days and use the exact method I mention in the video below.

Did you find that helpful?

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