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So…What SHOULD an MLM Sponsor Do For You?

I really kicked the hornets nest with my last post (Top MLM Earners should be supporting, not distracting) and it raised the question of, well, what SHOULD an mlm sponsor do for their team and their personal recruits?

How Should Your MLM Sponsor Start You?

**Let me preface this entire blog by saying this is all my opinion. I have configured my opinion based on the opinions of a lot of top mlm sponsors and earners and from Yarnell’s book.

Your MLM Sponsor should start you with methods that have proven to work. Either they are methods that have been created by the person or has been learned from his upline or the company. These methods should be more on the cheap/free side than the costly side. Why you ask? Because the lower cost methods are simply more easy to be duplicated as a good percentage of the people that join a homebased business do not also want to spend a lot of money on advertising, etc.

When you join, your MLM sponsor should make an attempt to get ahold of you via phone/email and offer some suggestions to you and suggest a follow up communication. I tend to like to give some homework and then have a follow up call. If the person goes through the homework, I know they are at least somewhat serious and then we can start the process.

What if your MLM Sponsor Does not call you?

Here is what I want you to ask yourself: Are you a rep number in someone’s downline or are you a business owner? A business owner would not whine and complain that their mlm sponsor did not call them, they would pick up the phone and call the person. I highly suggest doing the same. Should a sponsor contact someone who had faith in them to sign up with them at least initially? Yes. Should they call them daily to cheerlead them, wipe their noses and tell them good morning? NO! I do NOT think it is the job of the sponsor to call their people daily, weekly or even monthly. If they are doing their job, which is to continue to recruit, train, handle three way calls and put together company events, they should ONLY have time for the people that are hungry enough to reach out to them.

Quick Do’s and Don’ts of Being a Top MLM Sponsor

They Should Always Return Calls and Emails to their team.

They Should NOT be tasked with calling each person they ever recruited to pump them up (the reps that are hungry should reach out to their sponsor and if they cannot get them, go higher in the upline)

They should NOT pitch another MLM to someone who had faith to join them in one (Hey, I made this mistake the first few years in network marketing, I had to learn it too)

They should NOT hitch their reps success on purchasing some expensive coop, system, etc. Making something like that optional is one thing, making it mandatory to work with them is another.

They should have a system that is working that they share with new reps.

My overriding tone here is, if you are ever going to be a top earner in network marketing, you have to be willing to do it whether your mlm sponsor supports you or not. Now, for those that sponsor others, treat them good, they had faith in you to join you and that is very, very special!

Yes, I am ready to get the scriptbook on closing more professionals into my business. I fully understand that following this script will result in me making more money and feeling less awkward when talking to prospects. I will head over to the page to Download the Little Black Book of Scripts right now.

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