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To Become a Top MLM Earner
Be Supporting, Not Distracting

If you ever want to become a top mlm earner, you have to understand that your efforts alone will never make you a ton of money long term. It is how you grow, nurture and support your team. This does NOT mean to become a manager as that is ALMOST as destructive as being distracting, but, it means, carrying yourself a certain way and constantly asking yourself questions before you decide to promote or act upon something.

Will This Move Me Toward Being a Top MLM Earner in my company?

That is the question you have to ask yourself. I see people that have the desire to make tens of thousands of dollars a month residually but they don’t take the actions of someone that will actually accomplish this. A lot of people that started out wanting to be a top mlm earner learned Internet marketing and then kind of got lost along the way. Here is the path I have seen:

Phase 1: People Learn About Being an Entrepreneur and not trading dollars for hours.

Phase 2: They find network marketing as great way to make residual income and like the fact it is very low risk

Phase 3: They work at their network marketing company, have some success, start making some money

Phase 4: They learn Internet marketing and then affiliate marketing

Phase 5: They determine they can make quicker money with affiliate marketing, it carries no residual income, but, quick money

Phase 6: They go back to trading dollars for hours by participating in every Internet product launch or high ticket item and each month they start from zero

Phase 7: Their network marketing team quits as they are frustrated with the total lack of support they have received from the person they signed up with

Does this sound familiar? Know any marketers like this?

Stand for Them to Become a Top MLM Earner

If you have someone join your business, stand for them. Be there for them, it is so cool when someone places their trust and faith in me that I want to make sure I do NOT let them down. I have heard so many stories of people joining some marketer just to have that marketer promoting something else the next week or start being indecisive on who they want to be when they grow up. Before you send an email our or put something on Facebook, think to yourself, will this truly help my team, or simply make me money but at the same time distract them?

I am not against affiliate marketing.

I am not against affiliate marketing but there are some products that I never want my team to see as I KNOW it will just distract them from the mission. IF something is of value and will actually HELP the team recruit more people, build a business which may lead to becoming a top mlm earner, then, I will push the heck out of it. For example, I fully support Todd Falcone and what he does as he teaches things that actually work to prospect more people that WILL lead to making more money. Before you promote, if you have a team, ask yourself if you are being supportive of your team or simply distracting them.

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