This past weekend the Silver Coin MLM I promote sent me on an all expenses paid cruise to the Bahamas! It was awesome!

We had a blast on the cruise with the other leaders of the Silver Coin MLM and the founders and then we hit Atlantis and it was beautiful! Now, some people may be wondering how the Silver Coin MLM works and if it makes sense for them. Let me tell you that in this economy with the decline of the dollar I am real happy to be collecting assets such as silver coins. Now, the Silver Coin MLM deals in numismatic coins, not bullion coins and I have been real happy since I got involved with the Silver Coin MLM.

Here are some videos I shot while on the Silver Coin MLM cruise.

I am looking for people that want to be trained on how to make money with the Silver Coin MLM, contact me if interested

Ray Higdon