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Should You Talk to Your Warm Market?


I hear a lot of marketers telling you not to chase your friends and family and go to the Internet instead of your warm market. Here are my thoughts on the matter.

The Problem with Friends and Family

You have to see them! lol, well, in some cases that might be a problem, I am NOT suggesting you go after every person you know, in fact, I suggest you never chase anyone but it is crazy to me to consider NOT talking to my friends or warm market if I actually liked being around them.

My team is my family. My business revolves around this family and my passion for helping others. So, does it really make sense to NOT talk to people in your warm market that you WANT to be around and assuming you believe in what you are doing?

Keys to Warm Market Success

I have friends that I have brought into my business that have made hundreds of thousands of dollars. I also have friends that COULD have made that but they never joined. That does not mean I hold it against them or I chase them until they ignore my calls, the real keys to warm market success are:

1. Instead of “closing” them, just see if they are open and

2. Giving them realistic expectations.

You most certainly DO NOT want to hype your warm market and you also don’t want to trick them into a meeting or pound them into oblivion with texts, emails and phone calls on how they are an idiot if they don’t join your hot business.

Again, IF you believe in what you are doing, why wouldn’t you talk to them? And if you DON’T believe in what you are doing, why the hell are you doing it??

Video: Friends are the very best Free MLM Leads…if you have the right intentions

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