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Top Earner Recruiting Secrets on Audio

top earner recruiting

You asked for it, you got it! Detailed in this post is how to get my Top Earner Recruiting Secrets audio course. Boost your MLM Recruiting Now!

Do You Wanna Be a Top Earner?

One of the biggest assets you can possess that will help you become one of the MLM Top Earners is the ability to recruit more reps AND the ability to teach that same skill.

A couple weeks ago I sent out a survey asking you what you wanted and the overwhelming response was that you wanted more training on how you could recruit more reps into your network marketing business.

So, all this week I have been busy as a bee in my workshop to create my most powerful MLM recruiting audio series EVER! I am calling this series “Top Earner Recruiting Secrets” and I know you are going to love it.

What’s Covered in this MLM Recruiting Audio Series?

Let me tell you, if you are serious about recruiting 2-4 ADDITIONAL reps per week into your Network Marketing business, this is the course for you. Here is what I cover:

Audio 1:

– How to Use Questions to Boost Your Recruiting By 2 People Per Week

– Examples of Powerful Questions to Use

– How to Start Thinking and Attracting Leaders

– BONUS: How to Create a Vision Book

– Homework Assignment Number One

Audio 2:

– A Daily Routine that Will Guarantee Your Success (Priceless)

– How to Set The Pain of Your Prospects in the Past (works like magic)

– Objection Handling Made Easy

– How Acceptance of Money can Increase Your Recruiting

– BONUS: How to Write Powerful Affirmations

– Homework Assignment Number Two

Audio 3:

– Mirroring, Matching, Pacing and Leader (Killer Secrets)

– Mass Persuasion Tactics for Leaders and Trainers

– Attraction Marketing Tactics that Actually Work

– BONUS: Creating Your Vision

– Homework Assignment Number Three

Audio 4:

– We Dive Into Prospecting! (Now that you know how to close)

– A Guest Trainer Teaches You How to Divert People that Pitch you to want to Join Your Business Instead

– Test Closes (perhaps the most powerful concept in all of recruiting)

– Advanced Objection Handling

– BONUS: How to Build an Empire

– Homework Assignment Number Four

This is BY FAR the most complete MLM recruiting audio series on the market today and it comes with my 100% Money Back Guarantee. If for any reason you aren’t BLOWN AWAY by the course, simply email me at [email protected] and we will happily return your money but the reality is, I know you are going to love it because I know what it was like when I was unable to recruit.

In the last 14 days my wife and I have recruited 21 new reps into our primary company and in this audio series, I teach you how to do the same. For a limited time you can pick up your copy here. The cost is less than $10 an audio and I know you are going to listen to them over and over. Consider the benefits of recruiting an additional 2-4 reps per week or month into your Network Marketing business, You are gonna love it! Get Your Copy Here

Video About the Top Earners Course


To Your Abundance!

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