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Should You Buy Someone’s Way Into Your MLM Business?

This is a topic I am actually surprised I have never written about. If you have someone that really wants to join but truly does NOT have the money, should you buy their way into your network marketing company? Also, if you are close to a rank, should you buy product to help you get there? These two questions will be answered in this blog and I am sure some will disagree with my opinion!

99% of the People that Tell You They Do Not Have Money..

Are lying. Yes, it is true. If their car broke down and they had to come up with $200-$1,000, they would come up with that money within an hour in most cases. People tell you they have no money to get you to back off or because they see you as selling something rather than someone trying to solve their problems or help them achieve their desires. This is why it is so important to find out why someone is open to a home business before you go into pitch mode. For more on that, watch my prospecting scorecard video.

So..Should You or Not Buy Someone’s Way Into your MLM?

Here is the reality, most people simply do not appreciate the things that are given to them and things given rarely have the power to motivate someone. In more cases than not, paying for someone to come into your business is NOT worth the investment. There are however, a few exceptions that I will talk about later. Past performance does NOT dictate how well someone does in the present so be careful of that one. Usually the more someone tries to convince me of how much they will do, only convinces me otherwise based on my observations.

So, in most cases, I would suggest pushing the rep to sell some of their personal belongings at a yard sale or borrow the money from someone to get into your MLM, however, here are some instances where you may consider buying them in:

1. Great example is today for my company is the last day for our cruise contest. Reps that enroll a certain number of executives or sell a certain number of upgrade kits can win a 6 day Royal Caribbean cruise and hang out with over 100 other reps and the founders on the high seas in January. If someone is only one person away from getting on that boat, it would not make logical sense to NOT buy someone in. This example carries over to any other company. If you are one person away from winning something huge and that award it easily worth more than the cost of buying someone in, well, if you have exhausted all other options, then get them in! I would suggest looking for two traits, work ethic and attitude. You can work out whatever payment plan you want with that person either out of profit or not.

2. They have a great attitude, work ethic, are hungry (not needy), have a large network of people that have been in the networking business before and are truly down on their luck. This never guarantees they will do the work necessary but if they fit all these categories, it will increase your odds that they will get you a return on your investment.

Word of Warning if You Do Buy Someone Into Your MLM

Do not be addicted to an outcome. Most people that get bought in DO NOT WORK OUT. This is not a smart long term strategy even if you have a lot of money to throw around. Wanna know the real reason people fail in network marketing? It is not due to lack of training, it is due to the ease of entry. If you make the entry into home business totally painless then you have increased the chances that the person will not do what it takes because they have no skin in the game. If you bought someone in, you still want to lead them vs manage them. Keep doing the things that will build your business and support your team but do not cry the blues if the person you bought in turns out a dud. However, if they won you a cruise, anything they do is gravy! 🙂

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