Should You Buy Silver Eagles in This Economy?

With the goverment printing more and more money each day, and the increased belief in the decline of not only the US currency but also the Euro, should you buy silver eagles right now? First of all, why should you even consider buying silver at all right now? Well, since the dawn of currency, anytime a goverment has diluted the power of their currency by printing more and more currency when they are not asset bassed such as backed by real estate, gold or silver, that currency has crashed, and at the same time, increased the value of gold, silver and other commodities.

Some predict that like past countries who have experienced a crash in their currency system, those that have real tangible assets (not pieces of paper such as stocks or paper currency) have done very well. With silver at a current ratio of about 70-1 to gold, there are a lot of indicators that say silver is a great investment. But don’t take my word for it, watch this quick video by Robert Kiyosaki, author many books but most notably Rich Dad, Poor Dad:


Now, I choose to buy silver eagles through Merritt Financial out of Santa Monica, in fact, my guy gives me a great deal and is the top guy in the company. I recently purchased another $1,000 worth of silver eagles and canadian mapleleaves. You can see me opening my package from Merritt in this video I shot:

So I do buy silver eagles but I also collect and promote numismatic coins. Whether a home based business is for you or not, I think smart investors will at minimum buy silver eagles or silver bullion. If you want my source for bullion, shoot me an email or call me, I have shopped around and he is the best I have found. Also, if you are interested in making money promoting gold and silver, let me know that too! Lots of people are looking for ways to make money in this economy and this is a pretty cool way to do it.

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