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Mark Hoverson was a dear friend, incredible mentor, and powerhouse businessman.

In this training, I sit down with his wife, Shannon to discuss Mark’s incredible life, journey, and their family post trauma.

Living Through Loss & Achieving Success With Shannon Hoverson

I’ve had a lot of mentors over the years and Mark Hoverson was just different.

Mark was an incredible man. He lived his life powerfully and inspired all of us blessed to be around him to question our thinking and all desire to be just a little bit more like him.

He helped me not with just what I thought he was going to help me with, but he helped me in so many other areas.

Just seeing how he thought about family, about parenting, and about life is amazing.

mark hoverson

Sadly, last year, Mark passed away after fighting pancreatic cancer for over 3 years.

I loved this man for all he saw in me and all he helped me see in myself that I most likely would never have seen. I feel blessed to be alive during the time of Mark and will forever cherish our time together.

Shannon and Mark built a very impressive legacy and a very impressive company while having four kids.

In this interview,  I sit down with his wife Shannon to discuss Mark’s incredible life, journey, and their family post trauma.

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