How do you approach people in restaurants about your network marketing business?

In this post I will share the Secrets and the EXACT scripts I used when Prospecting in Restaurants.

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Secrets to Prospecting in Restaurants

I’ll actually share with you some of the things that I’ve done. I’m going to give you two scenarios on prospecting in restaurants. One, how to prospect your waiter or waitress. I’m also going to tell you even how to approach a table. How to go over to a table of people you don’t know and actually approach them. You’ve got to really be wearing your big girl pants or big boy pants to do that kind of thing but I have done it.

Who To Prospect In Restaurants

Now, I will tell you that I’ll never tell someone just not to prospect somebody. But I’m only going to prospect someone if I felt they had a good attitude and a good energy about them. That is probably contrary or different than how some people do.

Some people, they think that all the miserable people in the world, they really need a chance and so they prospect those people. My thoughts are they’re probably going to remain miserable. And to be honest, I don’t know that I want to spend a lot of time with them. The person that’s all smiles and good energy, that’s a person I would absolutely prospect. Because that’s what they’re going to bring into your business as well if they decide to join your business.

How To Prospect A Waiter/Waitress

Do not prospect them in the beginning of your meal. You want to wait until they actually bring you over the check. You wait for the bill. The reason I want you to wait for the bill is I don’t want you to start if off right when you’re ordering. Then if they’re curious they ask you questions and then you blow it. I’m trying to keep what you say to a minimum and so you don’t say too much, you don’t blow the sale. Because there’s a lot more people that talk people OUT of a sale than into a sale.

You wait for the check and you said, “Hey, by the way …” Here’s the move, you ready for this? The move is you’re going to be Looking Around.

You say, “Hey …” You look around which kind of makes them a little paranoid like, “Why is he looking around?” Right? You say, “Hey listen, I know you’re working and I want to respect your time. I certainly don’t want to get you in trouble or anything like that. Listen, I really like your energy, I really like your attitude. We actually work with a lot of different people in the service industry. It’s a side project that wouldn’t interfere with what you’re doing here but it might help you make some extra money. Again, I don’t want to get you in trouble or anything like that but, if you’d like, give me your information. I promise I’ll follow-up with you and tell you about it to see if it’s a fit for you.”

The cool thing about you looking around is it subconsciously creates URGENCY. They kind of get a little paranoid too because they don’t want to get in trouble, right? They appreciate the nice compliment. You’ve created some urgency by kind of looking around. When I’ve done that I’ve never, not one time, had someone not at least give me their information. Now, that doesn’t mean they joined. No one recruits 100% of the people that they talk to but I will tell you that 100% of the time I’ve gotten their information and so they fill it out.

Now, if you want to go next level, right? If you want to really up the game, after they give you their information, and this might freak them out a little bit but they’ll love you afterwards. After they write down their information ask to speak to their manager and once you get their information say, “Hey, if you don’t mind, do you mind if I talk to your manager?”
Now they’re going to, they might be a little like, “Oh, my God. Did this guy just trick me? Oh my goodness.” Get their manager to come over there and say, “Hey, I just want to commend you. You clearly do a fantastic job of training people because I had a great experience with this waiter or with this waitress, they did a great job, they’ve got great energy. I just want to say kudos to your restaurant and to your training style.”

Do you think that they’re going to look forward to your call? Oh my God, of course. They’re going to be like, “Oh my God, this guy.” They’re going to tell all their friends. They’re going to be like, “Oh my God. This person came in and they asked me for my information, they thought I was really cool. Then they went to my manager and told me how awesome I was. Oh my God.” Right? They’re going to love it, they’re just going to absolutely love it.

When you call them you got you got both feet in the door, right? Now, that doesn’t mean that they’re going to sign up, right? Being an entrepreneur and doing network marketing isn’t for everybody but you can lead with the opportunity in that scenario, I find it easier. Lead with the opportunity but then you could backtrack to the product if you wanted to do that. Prospecting in restaurants is simple when approaching a waiter or waitress. Now let’s talk about the approaching another table.

Prospecting A Table in A Restaurant.

Making the move to approach a table in a restaurant is a BOLD move. Just go with humbleness and go with respect. Watch the video below for the script I used when approaching tables.

Was that powerful? Did you get value? If so, let me know what you think in the comments below. Feel free to share this with your teammates.

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