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Why I think Ron Paul is the Best 2012 Presidential Candidate


I am usually not very political because I don’t believe that the President of the United States determines my personal success or happiness. I have never been that engaged because I have always thought that most politicians pretty much sound alike. For the first time ever, I am publicly letting everyone know that I think Ron Paul is the best choice.

Smartest or Those Who Just Say What People Want to Hear?

I have always asked myself and others why the smartest people don’t run the country. I personally think we finally have a candidate who has the intellect that is needed to run this country and bring it back to prosperity. He has been consistent with his message for more than 30 years. He is the only one who predicted the financial mess that we are currently in. He clearly is the smartest guy in the race.

He clearly does not just listen to advisers that tell him what the American people want to hear. If you came to this blog post with preconceived notions about Ron Paul that someone else or the media helped you with, perhaps, for the next small bit of time, suspend what you think you know about him and then decide after you finish this blog. No one will ever get 100% approval but I don’t think there is another candidate getting as much media smackdown as Ron Paul (almost makes you want to believe in him more doesn’t it?)

We All Know the Media is Always 100% Accurate

OK, that was a joke. Most educated people know that corporations with political ties own the media and that contributes to why most elections (and most contestants) seem to be similar every election. You may not agree with some of his views because of the way the media portrays him but I believe that if you watch these 3 very short videos. You will find out what he is really about. Freedom, Liberty, Free Markets, Limited Government, and the Constitution.



But Aren’t his Foreign Policies Sheer Insanity?

If you disagree with any of Ron Paul’s message including Foreign policy I would ask you to keep an open mind and don’t listen to the media spin on Dr. Paul’s beliefs and positions. Many people say that Ron Paul is unelectable. I don’t believe this. Even if Dr. Paul does not get the nomination he is on track to finish with the second most delegates. This will force the big spending, big government establishment Republicans to adopt parts of Dr. Paul’s platform if they want to attract the young and independent voters.

Dr. Paul has come in second in the first two contests and has moved up 11 pts in the South Carolina polls in the last several days. All of this without the big money wall street money machine behind him. No corporate lobbyists, no superpacs, just grass root individuals who are finally waking up and realizing this is the only true fiscal conservative in the race.

Ray Higdon and sons in Washington DC

Me and My sons in DC

Offended? Sorry..

I respect everyone’s views and would never NOT like or associate with someone because of their political or religious views. I struggled with whether I should write this or not and every person I consulted told me I probably should not, but, here is the reality..I think our country is in big trouble. I think we are in much bigger trouble than wall street, the federal reserve or the government want us to believe. I believe something drastic needs to be done and I just don’t see anything but more of the same with all the other candidates vs Ron Paul who I think will actually cut some of our spending and operate this country more intelligently. Tomorrow we will resume our regularly scheduled message of this blog with marketing training and education but if these videos or your already existing stance of Ron Paul is positive, I ask you to share this message and if you are a blogger, don’t by afraid to talk about Ron if you really believe, like me, that he can help this great and wonderful country of ours.

I am also a candidate, sort of..

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