I am a SWFL speaker and today I had the pleasure of attending the Bonita Chambers event at the new Hyatt Place at Coconut Point. I joined the Bonita Chamber a few weeks ago. I really enjoyed the people that attended and I highly recommend anyone that is serious about their business or looking for a great networking function to check out the Bonita Chamber. I think they have a nice mix of people and keep their events different enough and structured in a way where you can get good networking in. And if you have not checked out the Coconut Point Hyatt Place, it is a great place, very nice and from what I understand, pretty affordable.

I was originally introduced to the Bonita Chamber by Lynne Pietrzyk (yes, I had to look up how her name was spelled!). Let me tell you, Lynne Pietrzyk is a dynamic, networking machine that is one of the coolest people I have ever met. She does a book club that has gotten a really good response here in SWFL and I just love me some Lynne Pietrzyk!

Ray Higdon


SWFL Speaker