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Review of Atlas Shrugged 2

It is not easy to take a classic and put it into a movie but here is my review of Atlas Shrugged 2.

What is Atlas Shrugged About?

Got all day? LOL. In a nutshell, Ayn Rand wrote the book in 1957 and it is all about how the importance of providing and creating value creates a sustainable society whereas government intervention and compensation to those NOT creating value taken from those of ability creates a non-sustainable society (is that concise enough?)

Atlas Shrugged the movie is split into three parts, the first part is on Net-Flix, I assume the third part will come out next year. I first read the book on a nook and it was 4,800 pages lol. I breezed through it in a week though as the story and principles resonated with me more than any book I have ever read. It put into words how I have felt for a long time but didn’t have the words to express it in such a profound way.

Where Can You See Atlas Shrugged 2?

Good question. This is only being played in select theaters right now as it is NOT a popular message in Hollywood. That may be one of the factors that had almost all the actors and actresses different in the second one than the first. (more on that later) Check your local listings and if you are someone that believes for people to better their situation in life they need to learn to create and provide value, then, go see this. IF you are someone that think the “fat cats” should just give you checks without you creating value, probably not a movie for you.

Video Review of Atlas Shrugged Part 2

By the way, you can see my original announcement of the first Atlas Shrugged movie here.


Go see Atlas Shrugged 2, and bring people! Also, if you are an Ayn Rand dork like I am, you can get tons of cool gear here (like the shirt I am wearing in the video)

To your abundance!

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