Does using recruiting tactics like pushing your team to recruit fast in a short time actually hurt your business?

Here I will explain the why you should be careful of pushing your team to recruit high numbers in a short time.

Why You Should Be Careful Pushing Your Team To Recruit Big Numbers

There are many different recruiting tactics that are taught to push your team to recruit large numbers in a shortened amount of time.

The last company that we were in, it was popular to use “Score in 24!” So, go score in 24 and get your first person in 24 hours.

The problem that I have with “Score in 24” is that, it sets an expectation that about 5% of people will actually hit.

Some people may disagree with me, but I just believe that’s the case.

You understand this when you understand that there’s different levels of desire. There’s different levels of people’s willingness to work in a network marketing team.

And, when you set things like, “Recruit X in X days” the problem is, the majority of your team CAN’T do that or WON’T do that. You make it so evident that they’re not fitting in and they’re not doing what you want them to do as a teammate.

If someone had a weight loss program, and it was like, “lose five pounds in two days.” Not everyone is gonna lose five pounds in two days, and they may feel bad if they don’t. And so, network marketing is a long term deal. It’s a marathon, it’s not a sprint.

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So, I would be very careful and cautious around using language that makes it very clear if someone is meeting expectations or not.

And so, when you give a goal like to Recruit X in X Days you’re making it very clear that they either fit in and meet expectations, or they do not. And most, won’t.

Most will not recruit big numbers in a short time, regardless of how good the strategy is.

When To Recruit Big Numbers In A Short Time

Now, there ARE certain circumstances where I DO recommend recruit X in X days. In the video below I share who it is appropriate to use them with.

Did you find that helpful?

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