How do you handle a prospect who objects to the signup fee?

In this post I share exactly what to say to those who say they can’t pay the MLM Start Up Fee.

Recruiting Those Who Object To Your Start Up Fee Into Your MLM

Network marketing is the lowest overhead, lowest risk way for anybody to be an entrepreneur.

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You don’t have to have big amazing ideas and go on Shark Tank. You don’t have to be super creative. You don’t have to be a sales guru because there’s tool. You don’t have to be exceptional in really almost anyway for you to create success inside network marketing.

Now the only thing that you need is you need persistence. You NEED DESIRE. You NEED the WILLPOWER to move forward despite obstacles.

That’s what you need, but that’s not an innate talent that some people have, some people don’t. You can build that muscle. You can get better at that muscle.

If You Hear This Money Objection Often

The truth is, it’s because you have a problem with the signup fee. It’s because you don’t believe it’s worth it. Might be tough to hear, but it’s the truth. If you get this objection all the time like people say “Aw man, I’m not going to pay $500 or $400 or whatever,” that means you have questions around the value of joining your own business.

Now if you get it every once in awhile, probably not the case.

The thing that you are most concerned about, is what’s going to show up the most in your objections. I’m just letting you know. If people are telling you they don’t have the money, it’s because you have some money issues going on within yourself.

Do you realize I hardly ever got the money objection, hardly ever? Now I know how to overcome it when I did because it would happen from time to time, but I didn’t get it very often because I didn’t have a hangup around the value of joining my business.

When we were actively building a networking marketing business, I know that this business could change someone’s life, so I didn’t have an issue around it. It was weird to me if they didn’t join because it’s like, man, this is something that could change your life, and they don’t have another option.

4 Keys To Overcoming The Money Objection

If someone gets to this point, and talks to you about the signup fee is ridiculous, I say networking marketing is a low cost, it’s not no cost. If you were to start any kind of business. I got a buddy, and I would use some stories. Feel free to use mine. I got a buddy who was starting a pizza restaurant and the brick oven was $80,000. I remember me and a partner started or actually bought an advertising franchise that was $40,000.

1. Low Overhead

Network Marketing usually costs only a few hundred bucks. I don’t think too many network marketers would have a network marketing company where the signup fee is 40 Gs, right?

Imagine how serious people would be if we did charge that, so I could actually argue personally I think the network marketing signup fee should be about triple what it is like because I think there’s too many looky-loos.

I think it’d actually be more powerful if our signup fee was larger, right? Just my opinion.

The power in it is that almost anyone has enough money to join a network marketing company, but they may not have enough money to have the permitting, contractor licensing, and the renting and leasing of the square footage to start a restaurant. Most people don’t have that kind of money or can get access to that kind of money or get a loan for that kind of money.

2. It’s NOT A JOB

Now if you’re comparing it to a job, then you’re doing yourself a disservice.

Network marketing isn’t to be compared with a job because you don’t own a job.

If you’re comparing job where you show up, punch a lock, you don’t have an investment of money, but investment of time. You can never be free. You have to show up. I never had a job that I stopped showing up at that continued to pay me. They figured out that discrepancy rather quickly, sometimes too quickly. You got to look at the difference there.

3. Highlight Long Term Goals

Then I would draw back, and I would talk about what it is that they wanted to accomplish.

Now when we were first talking, you said to me that you wanted to spend more time with your kids, you wanted to put more money in the bank because your money’s a little tight, you wanted to be able to afford a family vacation, you wanted to be able to cover your daughters wedding, right? I’m just curious. I assumed that those were important to you. Do you consider those important to you?

What are they going to say? They’re the ones that told you these things.

They’re going say, “Well yeah, they’re important to me.”

I’m going to say “Okay, cool. All right, so they’re important. How will you accomplish those things if you don’t start a business?”

They don’t have an answer.

They’re going to say “Well, I got this other business I’m considering joining.”

Not if they have an issue with the signup fee.

4. Lower Taxes

Now the other angle you can take, the whole tax issue.

Do you realize on average, at least in the United States (I can’t speak for other countries) but in the United States on average if you don’t have a business, if you don’t have a home business, if you’re not a business owner of anyway, shape or form, the average family is paying $483 MORE to the IRS than they should be with no write offs.

Do employees get write offs? Of course not. You get no write offs an an employee.

Only if you have a business do you actually have write offs.

Most of the times you join a business if you just pay attention and you just log your hours and how much time you’re spending driving to business appointments or going and prospecting people or purchasing your inventory, et cetera, most of the time you actually save money.

Someone objecting to a signup fee, I would just go back. What is it that they want? I would also bring up taxes, right? If you’re in a different country, learn your country delio, what’s the average savings someone has as a business owner.

IF you are in the US or Canada, highly suggest you check out this tool that not only will help you understand home business tax savings more but will also help you with your recruiting – Rock Recruiting

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