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If you want to build a massive team, you gotta recruit people you don’t know. So, how do you close these peeps?

Here I share the 2 methods for recruiting more people into your business.

How To Close WAY More People

Well, first of all, don’t be addicted to the outcome because there is no formula that guarantees you’ll recruit anybody.

However, in any kind of prospect message, (whether it’s online, offline, cold market, warm market) we suggest two things:

  1. See if they are open
  2. Give them an out

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Don’t Be Addicted To The Outcome

Step one, don’t be addicted to the outcome.

You could lead with product, service, opportunity, it doesn’t matter.

This is where you say, “Hey, I’m using this brand new product, and it’s amazing. I’m just checking to see if you’d be open to checking it out and, if not, no big deal.”

Most amateurs would not give an out because they’re so addicted to the outcome, and they really need that sale.

When you’re addicted to the outcome like that, that’s when you come across as eager, desperate, weak.

But when you’re saying, “Hey, I’m going to do it with or without you. I’d love to do it with you.”

If you’re saying, “Hey, if you’re open to it, great. If not, no big deal.” It grants you power.

You’re actually more powerful when you’re able to give an out.

Say Less To More People

Step two is, say less to more people.

Instead of you trying to perfect your craft and script and everything to recruit that next person that you talk to, say, “I’m going to go talk to a hundred people, and some of them will do it and some won’t.”

That’s it. In any kind of prospecting, whether it’s cold, warm, family member, neighbor, coworker, whatever…. see if they’re open and give them an out.

Let The Tool Do The Work

As far as the logistics of what to say, I always pointed to a tool. I WANTED to point to a tool. If I had a great product, instead of me doing a razzle-dazzle dance for them and trying to explain the science behind it and the formulated blah-blah-blah.

Instead of that, I would say, “Hey, I got a short video that explains the product for you. You should check it out if you’re open and, if not, no big deal.”

I would sell the thing that sells the thing vs selling the thing.

Selling the thing would be like, “This stuff is amazing, and you really should get it right now.”

Sell the thing that sells the thing and say, “Hey, I got a video that explains everything about it. It’s fantastic. It’s very short, and it’s to the point, and it’ll help you out. If you’re open to taking a look at that video, great. If not, no worries.”

I let the tool do the work. I lean on the system and let the tool do the work.

Follow Up

Someone might watch the video and be like, “Oh, my God! This is life-changing. It’s what I’ve been praying for my whole life. Oh, my God! This is amazing!”

They still won’t follow up with you. They won’t. The job of followup is with you, not your prospects.

Your prospects, they’ll never follow up with you, so your job is you follow up with your prospects. If you don’t know what to say during the close, head on over to It’s my entire closing blueprint where I tell you every single scenario of what to say during the close. It’s still extremely affordable and definitely worth it.

The scenario is, just the rough kind of scenario … We don’t have time to go into the entire blueprint, but the rough scenario is you follow up with them:

You say, “Hey, what’d you like about what you saw?”

If they say, “I think it sucked! I think that video’s the worst video I’ve ever seen, and I hate my life for ever watching it.”

I’ll say, “Ooh! Wow! Eee! Ouch! What were you hoping to see? Why’d you agree to watch the video? Why’d you agree?”

A lot of times, they’re like, “Well, I’m looking for a way to make extra money.”

“Oh, you may have missed that in the video, but it’s blah-blah-blah-blah-blah.”

Very simple. But, if you want the entire closing blueprint, go to

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