Recording of Our Numis Network Webinar From Last Night (320+ People Attended!)

The first network marketing company where the autoship is…MONEY! That’s right, our product is money in the way of Gold and Silver Coins. You may have heard about Gold and Silver recently, on the higher end channels you hear them telling you to hedge your bets against the dollar by buying Gold and Silver and on the lower end channels you see them encouraging you to send your Gold and Silver in a little envelope and they may send you a check! LOL

What if I could tell you that you could get involved with a network marketing company that was in a 100 Billion Dollar industry and they were the only company occupying that space? That would be pretty exciting right? And, what if I told you that the company had less than 5,000 reps in it right now? And, what if I told you that whether you build it or not you actually get valuable Gold and Silver assets sent to you that you could hold onto forever? Well, you got it –

What would you like a garage full of? Air Filters? Water Filters? Juice? Pills? Protein Powder? Or worse yet, a garage full of receipts that you paid $50-$99 a month to keep a replicated website going? OR, a garage full of Gold and Silver??? I think we both know the answer to that question!

This company is growing like crazy, ignore this message and lose money, lose position, possibly even lose friends that wonder what you were thinking for passing up such an incredible opportunity! LOL

Let me tell you, I am on the phone daily with heavy hitters in MLM and there are some leaders FLEEING the health and wellness industry as they are so sick and tired of having a “me-too” product. You know what I mean, when you approach your friends, tell them you are in a juice business and they say…”Me-Too”!

We have no competition
We are at the top
We have the perfect product that everyone wants more of and does NOT have too much of

Watch the webinar that we had 320+ people on here –

Ray Higdon
Numis Network Team Leader
(239) 471-4800


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