Today we are going to discuss prospecting tools in network marketing.

First I’m going to share the best type of tool that I have liked for over 10 years. Next I’m going to share the number one concept that will dictate whether you make money or not. Lastly I’m actually going to share with you a very helpful guide that we have created. I’m actually going to take some snippets from this guide that I think will really help you to do a better job at prospecting.

What is my favorite approach that I have loved for over 10 years?

This is something you are surely aware of, but maybe you are wondering if it’s still the best thing...and that is the recorded video. I always loved using a recorded video when I was prospecting and getting people exposed to the product or the opportunity but especially the opportunity. Around opportunity, I want duplication. I did not want to hop on a Zoom and do the presentation because then my prospects think they will have to do the presentation or they think that they will have to get their reps on a live Zoom with me.

People that argue for live presentations, their number one argument is “oh well, I close more people if I do it that way.” You know what? Fair enough, fair enough. I do believe that with a live presentation, you can close more people but with a recorded video, you can get a whole lot more people on there. It’s not percentage-wise that I’m concerned with, it’s duplication. I’m talking to people in in Australia where it’s night time while it’s 5a.m in Florida. I’m talking to people in different time zones, I don’t want to be running myself ragged by doing all these live videos. I want to be able to get them on a tool that I could have a thousand people on at the same time and not have an issue all throughout different time zones.

The recorded video is (I think) the key. That doesn’t mean to only use a recorded video, but you should definitely have a recorded video that you can use if you’re prospecting someone and they want to know more information. Get them on the video. One thing that you can do to help increase your chances of getting them on a video is to say “hey, I have this video and it does a much better job than I could do of explaining it. When do you have time to watch this video?”

Now if they push back on you and say “oh, I don’t want to watch a video, just tell me about it.

I used to say “the reason we have you watch the video is to make sure it’s a fit for you or not because you may watch a video and decide it’s not a fit for you, that’s very possible. Oh, by the way if you wanted to build a business, you would actually get people to watch this same video.”

There’s a lot of tricks and psychology that you can use when using a recorded video but it’s something that helps for the most duplication. We love recorded videos.

What is the number one concept to make more money in network marketing?

It really comes down to one word and that’s pipeline. Pipeline is the number of people you reach out to, the number of people you follow up with, the number of appointments you’re setting, the number of recorded videos you’re sending out or the number of people you’re getting on a live presentation.

You have to track this and pay attention to this. It’s something that is just so important to unlock the mystery of why you may be making money or why you’re not. A lot of people come into this industry and they think that it’s just magical or mystical and that because they’re in, they should be making money and the truth is you should be making money if you’re doing the work. The work is reaching out to other humans and seeing if they’re open to your product, service or opportunity, that’s the work.

If you’re not doing the work, you shouldn’t be making money. People come up to me and say, “I want to be a top earner in my company…” and I’ll know with one question if they’re on the path or if they’re not. How many people did you ask last week if they were open to your product, service or opportunity and if they say, “well I’m waiting on business cards or oh well, it was pretty busy last week… then they are not on the path. If they give me an answer that’s in the single digits, meaning zero to nine, they’re not on top earner path. Now that doesn’t mean that they’re failing or that they can’t make any money in network marketing but they’re not on the top earner path. You have to be talking to at least double digits every single week and asking people “are you open to my product, service or opportunity? Are you open to learning more?”

Pipeline is your friend, that’s something you need to embrace. You need to embrace the idea that you’re going to have either a journal (we have a 90-day journal –click the purple text to go directly to the link) or an electronic way of tracking. You need a way to track your prospects when are you following up with them, when are you setting appointments with them. Without that pipeline, in any kind of sales environment, whether it’s car sales, real estate sales (fill in the blank) you’re not making money if you don’t have a pipeline.

Let’s hear from you.

Before I get to my last point, I would love to hear from you. What’s your take? Do you like recorded videos? Do you like using recorded videos in prospecting or does it have to be a live? Give me your argument, tell me which one you prefer. Which one have you seen more success with? I would love to hear your feedback. I would love to know a little bit more about you, so drop me a comment.

The helpful guide I want to share with you. 

Let’s get into that last point, I want to share with you one of our guides. It’s our social media script book. I’m actually going to be pulling some information from this script book today.

By the way, if you wanted to grab it, you can. Here’s the link,

First of all, price objection. Have you ever had someone tell you that “oh, that’s overpriced.” Well one of the things that we share in there which I love and has worked so so well is this, “you know our owners could have used cheaper products but they really wanted something that works. If this actually helped your problem, (weight loss, energy or whatever) would it be worth it?” That’s really powerful because it insinuates that the cheaper products don’t work, which is a pretty safe assumption. A lot of cheaper products don’t work.

Second, “I don’t have the time. You ever get this one? I don’t have the time to do this kind of thing. “Well, if you truly don’t have any time, you may need at least something like what I have more than I thought.” Another way that you can say it is “when will you have time? Is there a time in your life where you will have more time and because if you don’t then don’t you need to do something about that instead of running ragged all the time.”

We have to overcome different objections.

Another one, “I don’t have any money. I will just share with you quickly what to say if someone tells you “hey, I don’t have the money.” This is in the script book, but if someone says I don’t have the money, you say “okay cool so you’re saying you don’t have x in your bank account or on a credit card. Is that right?” So let’s say it’s $500 for for them to join your company or 200 or whatever.

“You don’t have $500 in your bank account or on the credit card. Is that right?”

Nope, nope. Don’t have it.”

“Okay, how far off are we?”

This is a very important question because if you don’t ask that question then you’re arguing for the full amount. I’ve had people say $40. I’ve had people say $10. You want to find out, is this something they want to do if you had the money? Would you move forward? If they say yes to that then how far off are we. Well I only have $450. Okay how could we come up with the other 50? I’ve had people call upon people that owed them, I’ve had people do yard sales, I’ve had people sell their stuff and this may sound funny that you’re asking people to sell stuff? I’m not really asking them, they’re choosing to and it all sounds funny until you have someone that sells their stuff to go on to become successful.

One of our students Michelle Eldredge, actually sold her kids toys (I didn’t recruit her) but she’s one of our amazing stories in our community. She sold her kids toys to join that network marketing company and went on to be in the top 2% of that company. Until you see someone who makes a sacrifice like that and does something out of the ordinary then goes on to create success, then it’s not so funny, it’s actually a really amazing and powerful story.

If you want more help with objections! 

Now if you want to check out all the ways that we help you with overcoming objections. What to say, how to stay postured, make sure you grab our social media script guide. We updated it a couple months ago. Here’s the link,… Feel free to click it. You will see some of our other tools over there but this is a prospecting tool that I think will really help you. It fits in your back pocket, fits in a purse and will help you with what to say.

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