What do you say when you follow up with prospects?

Here is a SIMPLE approach that will get you more results in your MLM Recruiting.

What To Say When Following Up With Prospects

Here are some easy and powerful tips when calling your prospects.

Do NOT Say

Let me tell you the worst way to follow up with a prospect.

“Hey, I’m just checking in. Hey, I’m just checking in, just checking to see if you know, you are ready to change your life yet. Just checking in buddy, I’m just a checker.” The worst. “I just have all the time in the world, I got all the time in the world bucko. Just checking in, it’s what I do.” right?

Let’s put this in a different perspective all right? Ladies, if a guy asked you out on a date and you don’t want to go on a date with them. How effective would it be if the guy starts calling you and saying, “Hey, ah, just checking to see if you changed your mind? You want to go on that date now?” How effective would that be? Or would you be like, “Oh my god, get a life, get a clue, get a car and drive far away.” Just Checking In is the WORST and please never use that.

What it says is, “I got nothing going on, nothing going on over here in no progress zone,” right?

“Over here in non-performance land, I got nothing going on. I guess this is my check up on my non-buying prospects day.”

Why don’t I ever check in? Because I’m frickin’ movin’, because I’m busy. I got things happening. People want to be with people that are making things happen.

What To Say

Have something exciting to tell your prospects. So what could that be?

I love the deflection. “Hey Joe, Joe, it’s Ray and hey listen, I know we talked earlier, I know it’s not a fit for you and your not interested in what I’m doing. But hey, I just won a trip to Atlantis, it’s amazing. I’m reaching out to you just to see if you know anybody that might want to make some extra money if we show them step by step how to do it. I know it’s not a fit for you dude, so don’t worry about it, but do you know anybody? I’ll treat them with respect I promise and we’ll show them how to do it. You might have some people that would be great for you to introduce them.”

If they go the route of number one and they actually give you a referral, you know what you can do. Ask for another one. Ask for another referral and here’s how you can do it.

You call them, “Joe, hey Joe, this is Ray. We talked a while back and hey listen, I know the business I’m doing isn’t a fit for you and that’s totally cool, no hard feelings. But listen, we’re crushing it over here. I just won a trip or I just hit a ten thousand dollar bonus. And listen, I know it’s not a fit for you but do you know anyone? Do you know anyone that might want to make some extra money if we showed them step by step how to do it?”

Maybe Joe on the other line is like, “Okay, well you know what, my buddy, Johnny, is a mechanic and he’s been looking for extra work. I mean, I guess you could talk with him.” “Perfect, thank you, Joe.

Johnny, mechanic, oh that’s so cool. You know what, that reminds me that we actually a have a John who’s a substitute teacher who just hit the six figure club, just started making a hundred thousand dollars a year in our company. I’m just curious, Joe, do you know any substitute teachers or full-time teachers that we could also show how to make extra money?”

“Well you know what, now that you say it I actually do know, my friend, Helen, is a substitute teacher and of course I can’t vouch for her but you know, she might have-” “Awesome, thank you, Joe. Joe you’re amazing, Helen, substitute, awesome, that’s so cool. You know what, we actually do have a lot of women in our team, speaking of Helen..”

Do you see where this is going? Do you realize I’ve had calls like that where I’ve gotten 20 referrals and by about the 18th or 19th one, do you realize they become a referral too? They’re like, “Okay, I can’t take this.” You can’t hit someone with 52 different success stories and have them not have some kind of interest!

For more on Following Up With Prospects, check out the video below.

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