Dear Concerned One,

What if planet earth was suddenly covered with a force
field blocking out all the oxygen, and you were required to
purchase it like you currently purchase natural gas, electricity,
and that liquid that flows from your sink…

And you were told that you needed to install equipment in your home
to pump it into every room, and purchase tanks of air to survive
and move around…

You would absolutely have those pipes installed in your home and
oxygen tanks on auto-ship, wouldn’t you? After all, we’re talking
about your LIFE…

And what if a company came along and offered you an opportunity to
create wealth by supplying oxygen to people…

Who wouldn’t look at that as a business, and who wouldn’t want to
buy the product?

That was sort of a silly analogy, now wasn’t it? But
you know what, THERE DOES EXIST IN YOUR LIFE, right now, something
that’s just as serious and VERY real that is blocking out a lot of
very vital things…

You know that force field I mentioned earlier? Well it really does
exist. It doesn’t exist for air (thank God), but for EVERYTHING
ELSE YOU WILL EVER NEED TO LIVE it in fact does exist…

That force field is MONEY…

-Isn’t money blocking out the quality of food you eat?
-Isn’t money blocking out the type of car you really want to drive?
-Isn’t money blocking out the neighborhood in which you want to
-Isn’t money blocking out the quality of education you want to give
your kids?
-Isn’t money blocking out helping those whom you love the most?
-Isn’t money blocking out EVERYTHING THAT IS VITAL IN YOUR LIFE?

No one can deny how vital money is in their everyday life, and to
have a shortage of it day in and day out gets old…

As a matter of fact it’s downright depressing…

So, what if there was a company that came along and offered you an
opportunity to create wealth by supplying MONEY to people…?

Who wouldn’t want to look at that as a business, and who wouldn’t
want to buy that product?

Well, I say that nobody in their right mind would be foolish enough
NOT to look at this opportunity, or buy the product since it is
REAL MONEY, but I’m going to put that to the test right now with

I’m inviting you to take a look at an opportunity to make money by
selling money…

Webinar Tonight at 8pm EST –

Now, I’m not talking about paper money; we both know that green
paper in your wallet isn’t real. It hasn’t been real since the
government stopped backing it with “real money…” back in 1971

And that my friend is what we are selling…REAL MONEY.

What is real money?

Gold and silver…

This God-given commodity has always been, and will always be, the
only real money we’ll ever see…

If you haven’t been paying attention to the explosion of interest
in gold and silver in the last few years, you’ve been really
missing out…

At the foundation of wealth building is the ability to accumulate
and hold on to appreciating assets…

And until August of 2009, there was no company that offered you and
I a chance to get rich on both collecting and marketing an ASSET
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Actually, not just any asset…I’m talking about “the asset of

So, I have just one question for you: If you need extra income,
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collect money?

Ok, that was three questions…but you get my point…

On Tuesday, January 19th at 8pm EST, I’m going to hand you the keys
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I’m going to show you how to auto-ship money to your front door…

I’m going to give you an opportunity to get in on a $100 Billion
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If you have the bad habit of procrastinating, I hope that was one
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Getting paid to sell money? LOL. The banks get paid to sell
money, so why not you?

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I’ll see you on Tuesday night.

Ray Higdon
(239) 471-4800
Gold and Silver MLM