Want to Learn how to be More Persuasive? This post will help.

Today you will learn several different ways of ways of persuading others to do what you want.

What is Persuasion?

In the context of this post, persuasion is the ability to perform a set of actions to get someone else to do or believe something.

I believe one of the greatest understandings you must have if you want to learn how to be more persuasive is to understand resistance.

I believe if you don’t understand resistance, you have no chance of being able to POSITIVELY persuade anyone.

Why is Resistance so Important to Understand?

Resistance is what your prospect feels when you say or do certain things that actually make them NOT want to do what you want them to do. As for some this may not be making sense, let me give some examples…

Ways of Persuading in the WRONG Direction

Let me know point out that everyone is persuading people all the time, the only problem is those who struggle tend to persuade their prospects in the WRONG direction. This article assumes you want to make more money, make more sales and have more positive results but let me not skip over the fact that many are using ways of persuading that all but PREVENT positive action. (Click to Tweet this Tip)

Example: You get into a network marketing company and you call your best friend. You tell them that it is a no brainer, they would be amazing at it and you are both going to be rich. This, in most circumstances, will persuade them to NOT want to join. Why? Because of a few factors: 1. They may not believe they have the ability to become rich 2. It wasn’t their idea, it was all yours so that means you are being pushy 3. Some people are simply contrarians, some simply want to think and act differently than anyone trying to push them into something.

How to Be More Persuasive

Instead of being pushy, be pull-ey. Instead of YOU telling them how great your opportunity is, ask them what they want in life. What areas in their life do they wish could be better?

Instead of telling them that they are going t be rich, tell them what you are going to do and gently invite them to come along. For example, when I was hardcore prospecting to become the number one income earner in my last network marketing company, this is a sample of what I said:

“I am going to build this thing big time, now, I am going to this with or without you but I would love to do it with you, if you are open to taking a look, great, if not, no big deal”

The phrase above showed that I was NOT addicted to the outcome, WAS going to build it, and didn’t require their acceptance or approval. That one phrase used several ways of persuading in it. Now, keep in mind, that phrase was said to people that knew me and had at least some sort of respect for me, that phrase will not work well on cold market but I will include some resources for that below:

Help with Cold Market Persuasion:

3 Ways of Persuading for Network Marketing Recruiting

30 Persuasive MLM Recruiting Questions

[INFOGRAPHIC] How to Become More Persuasive

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