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People Who Are Selfish Fail to Succeed


Maybe you had to read that title again, but yes, in today’s post I am sharing why people who are selfish fail to succeed.

Read this short post to learn why a lack of creating success is mostly due to being selfish.

People Who Are Selfish and Non-Success

Most people are programmed (or brain-washed) to believe that making a lot of money, having material things or creating success is selfish and best to leave that to the greedy and continue to struggle like everyone else.

I remember nine years ago when I was leaving corporate America, I told people I was leaving because I wasn’t happy and people actually told me that no one was happy and what made me so special to desire happiness? That is not a joke, actually happened.

If you want to make an actual impact on this planet and it’s inhabitants you need to UN-SELFISHLY play big. Let me show you what I mean…

This Past Weekend

This part of the post will be similar to yesterdays post about called What is Your Excuse? with a slightly different take on it. I know, without a doubt, that no excuse is valid (read that article if you still struggle with that) but not only that, only the people who are selfish fail. Here’s what I mean:

On the last day of the event I was at for my network marketing company, I saw these people walk across the stage at a big rank (technically the same rank that my wife and I are currently at)

– Someone who worked at a utility company and was 29 years old
– A woman who was a registered nurse for 20 years
– A ten year city employee
– A 27 year old college dropout who was sleeping on his Mom’s couch and working at Lowes
– A 20 year teacher
– A store manager for AT&T
– Multiple active duty military personnel
– Multiple inner city young men and women

gM0IV6tXqt-Rh2_es1Y9S1ncQ28GEFI01ZB8kAmA5-8,ZcIgsWJE824jcK18s3rHPddEkX7cjbmZ6SXYSeanxaE,c1zldbLL-CCNZnzRI5qxrYTT-5op7I0HZEbj2bOtPZESo, here’s the deal. What if? What if the people that had invited them to check out a presentation were selfishly more worried about possibly getting rejected than they desired to help those they DID call. Well, ALL of the above stories would NEVER BE HEARD.

You see, when you DON’T call someone and at least give them the opportunity to see what you are up to, you sever their chances of changing their life but just as important, you sever the chances of thousands if not tens of thousands from being inspired from the story they could possibly create. People who are selfish will not pick up the phone because they are way more concerned with how they look vs how they make an impact.

Don’t be selfish. Give your friends and family members and strangers that you meet a chance to make an impact and change their lives. Don’t be addicted to the outcome or beat people over the head but at least give them, and you, a chance by asking them if they are open to taking a look.

By the way, does this inspire you to take greater action? Well, I actually gave this speech last night in a private room in Ft Worth, Texas and I am told by a friend of mine that he recorded it on his phone. Would you like to hear it? It is quite emotionally charged I assure you. IF you would like to see it, leave me a comment below and feel free to share this. I cannot guarantee we will be able to pull it off his phone so only comment below IF this post inspires you to do so.

To Your Abundance!

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