This might just be a super powerful post for you today, it is all about what is your excuse?

I am gonna share some things that will hopefully help you get out of your own way!

Yesterday, I fully Realized…

I have had this realization before but never more than yesterday. This weekend I am at a company event for the network marketing company I am with and I saw more incredible things than I have ever seen before.

– I saw a 69 year old woman walk across stage as a new rank
– I saw a person that worked at a fast food chain walk across stage
– I saw MULTIPLE inner city, non-privileged young people walk the stage
– I saw a guy get the top recruiter reward who is on active duty in Afghanistan and then…
– I saw a person give SIGN LANGUAGE for their acceptance speech, and they were a HIGH rank!

What is your excuse?

Why This is Multidimensionally Important

Is it cool that those people with what could be seen as “not the best leg up” to create success walked the stage? Of course! What is MORE important is the impact they made. The impact of INSPIRING. The impact of SHOWING IT CAN BE DONE. You see, MOST people are trained to see success as selfish, self-serving and greedy even. The truth is when you create success, ESPECIALLY when you have the odds stacked against you, you INSPIRE others to go and do the same.

What is YOUR Excuse?

If you are looking for all the reasons you have yet to create success, you will stay where you are. If you invest time justifying to yourself and others why others can create success but you cannot, you will stay where you are. The bottom line is YOU WILL FIND WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR.

You are either looking for a way to succeed, or, you are looking for the way that you will not. You will find what you are looking for. And oh yeah, by the way, for you parents out there, you creating more excuses than success is being observed. Take a guess at what that will mean for their careers? Harsh, but true.

Here’s the sad part about YOU not creating success…you are failing to inspire those you are meant to. It is SELFISH for you NOT to create success as you are ROBBING those around you and those you have yet to meet of your inspirational story. Time to get to work, and raise your vibration. Time to get to work and START becoming the person you have always been meant to be.

What is your excuse?

To Your Abundance!

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