If you’re a Part Time Network Marketer, how do you respond when someone asks you, “What do you do for a living?”

In this video, I answer this question with an EASY Script to use for anyone working part-time on their business.

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How Part-Time Network Marketers Should Respond To Occupation Questions

Now, the truth is the majority of people in network marketing, are doing network marketing part-time. Most people aren’t full-time, and I’ll tell you, it’s a little strange.

I forget who told me this. I think I may have heard it from maybe Bob Proctor, I’m not sure. It’s actually interesting in that you become less duplicatable when you go full-time, because people will grab on to any excuse they possibly can. You’ll be prospecting, and they’re like, “Wait, you do this full-time? Oh, I can’t do it full-time.”

It’s interesting, because most people that are part-time network marketers, they want to go full-time. But when you do, you do become less duplicatable. Because the people you’re now prospecting, if they have a job, they will use that as an excuse.

Now, that is no reason for you not to build a large business or not to go full-time, but it’s just a heads up. I wouldn’t really flex the fact that you do it full-time, because some people will use that as an excuse on why they can’t do it. A little, kind of weird psychology, but it’s true. It really is.

Share What You Do Full Time

My suggestion to you is don’t be afraid to share what you do full-time. One of my biggest enemies within this profession is people using hype, people faking the funk, people using too many claims and just talking too much trash, too much of how easy it is and things like that.

Don’t be afraid to tell somebody, “Hey, I’m a … I’m a pharmacist, and I actually have a side home business as well. How about you?” When someone asks you this, this is not your time to shine. This isn’t your time to go into your presentation. This is your time to say something very brief and roll it back to them and ask them questions.

If they find out, now if you fudge the truth, and you’re like, “Oh, I got this home based business that’s awesome.” And they later find out that you do that on the side, but you really work at 7-Eleven. It’s bad on the industry, it’s bad on your company, it’s bad on you, it’s bad on everything. Don’t be so concerned about trying to impress them. Listen more.

Listen More Talk Less

If I go to a networking meeting, my goal, I know this sounds weird, my goal is to say as little as possible, and to listen as much as possible. Because that’s what actually stands out.

Now, if I go to a networking meeting, I know every person in there. They’re there to get business. They’re there to get clients. They’re there to talk about their business and their passion, and what they’re focused on, and their goals. Let them. Why do I have to go in there and be like everybody else and say, “Here’s my mission statement, and here’s my comp plan.” No one cares. They care about what they want to talk about. I’ll listen.

If I’m at a networking meeting and someone says, “Hey, what is it that you do?” Don’t be afraid to share your full-time job.  “Hey, I actually work in the cabinet business, or I work in this, or I work in that, and I also have a side home business. How about you?” Let them talk.

Try to get them to do more of the talking, because they’ll actually give you some ammunition for you to use to later follow up with them, which is always what I suggest.

Script To Say To Prospects

In the video below, I share a EASY script on exactly what to say to get your prospects to think you are a business guru!

Easy right? Your prospects will be asking where to sign up in no time! If you got value, feel free to share this with your teammates.

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