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MLM Prospecting: Don’t Prospect Strangers Without These Key Tips

Not sure about MLM Prospecting and talking to strangers? Here I share my exact script from starting a conversation to closing the sale. Don't Prospect Strangers Without These Key Tips Your number one enemy is saying too much. And, that's what most amateurs do. Most amateurs say, "Hey, I'm doing this thing. Would you be open to it?" The prospect « Continue »

MLM Recruiting: What To Say When They Don’t Have The Time

One of the most common objections you will hear in MLM recruiting is they don’t have the time to build a business. Today’s show will share with you how to handle that objection effectively. MLM Recruiting: What To Say When They Don’t Have The Time Usually I hunt for people who don't have much time. The person that has too much time on their hands « Continue »

MLM Marketing: Algorithms Revealed For The Best Time To Do Facebook Lives

Not sure when to do your facebook lives? In this training I debunk facebook algorithms and reveal the BEST time to show up on facebook lives. MLM Marketing It's real popular for people to tell you, "Hey, only do one or two, and make them awesome, and make them really really good." That's a really popular message now-a-days. Here's all I'm gonna say to « Continue »