network marketing leadersIf you get nervous to speak to speak in front of large groups or even to the gurus and top network marketing leaders, this will help.

Here is exactly what I recommend to overcome the jitters and butterflies to speak up and get more exposure.

Overcoming Your Fear Of Speaking

How do you get past nervousness in order to have a conversation with an influencer or top-notch speaker in the world?


There’s really nothing I can tell you that all of a sudden, you’re going to be super calm and collective in a conversation. It’s really with practice. And the same goes for public speaking.

My first time I spoke in front of a small group, I was terrified. I developed a stutter and spilt water on my shirt. I was a MESS.

My third time, it still definitely wasn’t great. The tenth time was a little bit better. My thousandth time, people thought I was a natural.

My thousandth time speaking on stage, people were like, “Oh my God. You’re so natural at this.”

They have no idea how many books I read, how many times I stumbled, how many times I screwed up what I was going to say, how many times I didn’t want to go to do that speech. It’s really with practice that I became a “natural.”

When talking to leaders, the WORST thing you could do is for you to try to fake it, try to be on the same level, try to be big time when you don’t have those kind of results.

Talking To Network Marketing Leaders Who Make You Nervous

Nervous just to have a conversation or interview a leader? Here’s my suggestion for you.

In the video below is exactly what I would say if you are nervous to talk to BIG network marketing leaders.

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