Tips for Public Speaking

Coming from someone who overcame his fear of public speaking, let me help you all get better!

Watch this short video for my best tips for public speaking!

The Speaker

In network marketing land the person with the microphone or the marker (drawing circles) is typically the one making the most money.

If you begin with the end in mind, maybe that means YOU need to start getting in front of rooms faster!

Today you are going to learn my tips for public speaking and believe me, MOST people who are currently speaking on stage NEED to hear these tips!

My Tips for Public Speaking

Did you find my tips for public speaking helpful? Let me give you a couple more:

1. Movement on stage is good however, when you want to make a point, stand like a statue as you end the statement you want to emphasize.

2. Avoid filler words (this takes a LOT of practice). Filler words are OK, know what I mean, Um, ah, etc. When you strip out filler words and fill those spaces with silence, your power as a speaker skyrockets and the audience actually absorbs more of what you are teaching.

Feel free to share with anyone you know that could benefit from these tips for public speaking and if you got benefit, let me know by commenting below!

To Your Abundance!

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