Do you struggle with how to Overcome Fear, Doubt, and Uncertainty? This post will give you the COURAGE to overcome fear and you can finally step into your greatness!

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How To Overcome Fear and Uncertainty

A lot of people think that top earners just don’t have fears or any uncertainties. People who have yet to create success, think people of success never doubted themselves. Or, they never had any mindset issues, in any way, shape, or form. The truth is, that’s just not the case. You have to put in the WORK DESPITE.

I really want you to own that word. Own the word “DESPITE.” Because guess what? You’re going to have days where you want to quit. You’re going to have days where you’re unsure of yourself. You’re going to have days where you doubt yourself. Heck, you may have weeks. You may have months. You may have years where you’re going to doubt yourself. Where you’re going to be afraid of rejection, where you’re going to be afraid of what are people going to say about you. You’re going to have all of those things happen. The key for you is to keep moving forward and TO DO THINGS DESPITE.

What I did is I created a psychological trigger. That is, any time I thought about how bad my life was, or how my life sucked, or how I was afraid, I had to pick up the phone. Because I don’t believe that you can be in action and still have time to think about how unsure you are of yourself. The whole, “Devil’s playground is an idle mind.” When you have the time where you’re staring out the window, and you’re just like, “My life sucks,” or, “I’m not sure of myself.” When you’re doing that, you are Feeding That Fear. You’re just shoveling energy into that fear, and instead of that, you need to get into ACTION. You need to go out there and make it happen despite.

Want more inspiration and motivation to get out of your head and into greatness? Watch the video below. I think this will really help you!

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